Auto Insurers and the Use of Auto Trackers: What You Need to Know If You Are Considering a Policy That Utilizes One of These

There are some auto insurers out there who are allowing drivers to use telematics devices or auto trackers to possibly earn an auto insurance discount. The tracker can determine how many miles the car is driven, where the car is driven and if the driver is following safety laws, such as speed limits. If you are considering one of these devices to get a discount, here is some information you need to know.

Your Insurance Rate Can Actually Increase

One of the downsides, aside from giving up your privacy, is that your auto insurance rates can actually increase if you use one of these devices. If the insurance company sees that you frequently travel to an area with high car theft rates or accident rates or you are driving in what they view an unsafe manner, they have the right to increase your rate. So while you may be hoping for a decrease, you could actually end up with an increase.

Good Driver is an Arbitrary Term

Another downside is that good driver is an arbitrary term and only the insurance company knows exactly how they use the data to determine if you are a good driver and qualify for the discount. Some people may use the device only to find out that they don’t get any additional discount because the software doesn’t deem them a good driver.

If You Qualify, the Discounts Can be Substantial

While there are several downsides to using a tracker, there is a huge upside. If you qualify for the discount, the discount is often a substantial one. Some insurers will offer as much as 25 percent off your auto insurance rates if you use the tracker and use safe driving habits. If you are on a tight budget, this may make it a great deal for safe drivers.

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