Wildfire Impact & Important Information

For those of us in the Pacific Northwest, times have been challenging to say the least. In conjunction with our insurance carriers, our Oliver Insurance team is ready to support and help our clients recover during this time.

If you have not done so, setting up your online customer account will give you 24/7 access to your policies, coverage and more. If you are suddenly displaced, access to your insurance information online can help you immensely during a crisis. Follow the link to enroll in the Client Center Login portal. REGISTER HERE


1. If I had to leave my residence, are temporary housing costs covered? YES, if you live in a level 3 evacuation zone only. You will be reimbursed for these costs, so always keep your receipts. (this includes renter’s policies, but coverage amounts may differ)
2. When should I file my claim? Due to the ongoing nature of the wildfires, most insurance carriers have requested clients wait until the situation has become less urgent to start their claim process.
3. I know my policy covers fire in my dwelling, does that also include “Wildfire”? YES, coverage applies in wildfire situations.
4. How long will the claims process take? We are advising our clients due to the sheer number of people impacted by the fires in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho and Montana, that the process will likely take longer than normal.

Additional resources

U-Haul is Offering Free Storage for Evacuees of the Fires in Oregon and Washington Learn More HERE

Find A Shelter

Catastrophe Preparation Guidance

Air Quality Where You Live

Unfortunately, no words can erase the pain for those who have lost homes, property, pets and memories. Our hearts go out to you. We will be here for you as you look toward rebuilding. Please take care, stay safe as possible and do not hesitate to contact our office with questions.


The Oliver Insurance Team

Looking For A Family Car? Tips To Find A Great Used One

Picking a safe family car can be very expensive if you purchase it new. However, if you purchase it used, you run the risk of not getting a great car. When it is time to get a new family car, there are a few tips to finding the gem that you are looking for. Use these tips to find your next safe, affordable, and loveable family car.

  1. Consider Age and Price. When looking for a used family car, there is a balance to be found when it comes to age and price. The older the car, the less expensive it will be but just because the price tag is great does not mean the car is. Take a look at these things before making the purchase. 
  2. Have an Independent Mechanic Look At The Car. Before you make a purchase on a vehicle, make sure you take it to a local mechanic that you trust. Taking it to an independent mechanic is even better because they are more likely to give you the truth about the car instead of listing a lot of issues (that may not even exist) just to get your business if you buy it. 
  3. Don’t Get Emotional. This is a major purchase and it is best to not let your emotions get in the way of your decision. This can result in you getting the wrong car because you fell in love with the color. Keep your mind clear before the decision and get emotional after you make an educated decision.

When you do get a great new family car, contact us at Oliver Insurance serving Canby, OR, to find you a great insurance policy to protect the family vehicle and your family.