Car Insurance: Coverage That Matters

Canby, Oregon is amongst wineries, farms, and offers a farmers market every week. There are a ton of things to see and do and it’s not a far drive from Beaverton or Portland.

When you look for car insurance in the 97013 ZIP code, it’s important to be aware of the coverage options. The state of Oregon requires you to maintain a minimum level of liability insurance, but beyond that, you still have decisions to make.

You don’t want to damage your clear coat and there are various things that can cause the damage. Hail damage is something you can experience year round, though especially in the cold Canby winters.

The coverage that you need to protect you against hail damage is comprehensive car insurance. This is for all of the non-driving related damage that can be incurred within the 97013 area. So you can protect yourself and your car, your insurance should have this coverage. If you are leasing a car, the company may even require you to have it.

We can help you with all of the coverage options for your car insurance policy. We will go over requirements in Oregon as well as additional options such as comprehensive, collision, and even uninsured motorist. We can discuss the levels of coverage as well so you don’t have to pay anything more than the deductible out of pocket in the event your car is damaged or you are involved in an accident.

Knowing about all of the coverage options will see to it that you are protected against it all in Canby. If you were to get insurance on your own, you may be left vulnerable and our goal is to prevent such a thing from happening.

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