3 Common Risks Commercial Business Owners Face

When you own a commercial business in Canby, OR, you may want to consider what it really means to operate on a daily basis. It’s not uncommon for owners to assume that they’ve taken all the necessary precaution when they in fact the face a number of risks in their neighborhood.  Oliver Insurance may be able to help you get a more realistic idea of what it means to be responsible for your employees, clients, and property. 

1. Litigation 

Business owners should have preventative measures in place if they happen to be sued by either customers or employees. Often times litigation is entirely legitimate. For example, an employee may need to sue for additional consideration for injuries they sustained on the job. However, other times people may see successful businesses as a target for their own gain. No matter why a lawsuit is initiated, owners should be able to fight or settle based on its merits without fear.  

2. Natural Disasters 

Canby, OR may not face a lot of blizzards or hurricanes, but they may be involved with earthquakes or big storms. Weather damage can be difficult to account for when it comes to your property, which is why owners are often unprepared for what may come after the winds have died down. 

3. Limited Insurance 

Most commercial businesses have some type of commercial insurance, but they may not have enough of it to really help in the event of a crisis. Calling Oliver Insurance is an excellent way to prepare yourself for all that may lie ahead when it comes to your particular needs. We can ask you the questions and give you the advice it takes to get the best possible policy. Giving us a call today is always the right step to protect your livelihood.