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Three Ways to Reduce the Risk of a Home Insurance Claim

Ensuring your home in Canby, OR, remains safe and secure provides peace of mind and can significantly reduce the likelihood of having to file a home insurance claim. At Oliver Insurance, we believe in helping our clients take preemptive measures to protect their homes. Here are three ways you can reduce the risk of something happening.

1. Install a Security System

A robust home security system is one of the most effective deterrents against burglaries and break-ins. Modern systems offer features like remote monitoring, alerts, and even integration with local law enforcement. 

By installing a security system, you can protect their property and may also qualify for discounts on your homeowner’s premiums. We at Oliver Insurance can help you check what security systems might qualify for a discount.

2. Clear Bushes From Around Your Home

Large bushes can provide cover for burglars if the bushes are close to your home. It’s harder to be seen opening a locked window if there’s a bush that provides concealment, rather than having to do so in the open.

Remove any bushes that are right up against your house to give would-be burglars less cover. 

3. Upgrade to Storm-Resistant Windows

Canby, OR, like many areas, can experience severe weather conditions that pose risks to standard windows. Upgrading to storm-resistant windows may better protect your home from damage caused by high winds and flying debris. 

Keep Your Home Protected

Make sure your home is as protected as possible. You’ll reduce the risk of something happening and of having to file a home insurance claim against your policy. Contact us today to ensure your home is properly insured in case something still happens.

Three Types of Protection in Home Insurance

Owning a home generally requires you to have a home insurance policy. Even if a policy isn’t required for you, it’s important never to go without this insurance. These policies come with several different kinds of coverage in them. When you need home insurance in Canby, OR, call us at Oliver Insurance to learn more. 

Home Protection

First and foremost, home insurance protects your home against damaging events. It can pay for the repairs you’ll need after such an event causes damage. The cost of repairs or rebuilding can be sky-high, so you need this essential protection in case of a destructive event. Without this coverage, you’d be responsible for all the repair costs. 

Item Protection

Another type of coverage included in a home policy is protection for your items inside your home. Most of what you own, if not all of it, is inside your home. It’s also vulnerable to damaging events that can cause destruction to your home as well as your belongings. This coverage can help you replace your items after they have been highly damaged or otherwise destroyed. Replacing everything can be extremely expensive, and no one wants to be left without a policy to cover it all. 

Liability Protection

When you have a home insurance policy, it also comes with a layer of liability coverage. This protects you financially in case an accident happens on your property to someone outside your household. It pays for things like medical expenses after such an accident to protect you financially. Many people don’t give a lot of thought to this coverage, but it’s important to have. 

Get a Home Insurance Policy

When you need a home policy, we’re here to help. Call us today at Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR, to get started. 

The Impact of Renovations on Your Home Insurance Policy

Home renovations are a great way to enhance your living space and increase your home’s value. You can alter not only the appearance of your home but you can also improve the function of the house. However, many people fail to realize that renovations can impact your home insurance needs. Understanding that these improvements can also affect your home insurance policy is essential. Here are some ways your policy can be affected by renovations from Oliver Insurance, a home insurance provider in the greater Canby, OR region. 

1. Increased Coverage Needs

When you renovate or make significant additions to your home, such as adding a new room or updating the kitchen, you may need to increase your insurance coverage. The increased value of your home and its contents means you should have adequate coverage to rebuild or replace them in case of damage or loss. 

2. Notify Your Insurer

It’s crucial to inform your insurance company about any renovations. Failure to do so could result in gaps in coverage. Your insurer needs to know about the changes to assess the impact on your policy and adjust your coverage accordingly.

3. Liability Concerns

Renovations can introduce new liability risks. You may be held liable if a contractor or worker is injured on your property during the renovation. Ensuring you have sufficient liability coverage is essential.

Home renovations can significantly impact your home insurance policy. If you’ve completed home renovations, and you’re unsure if your existing policy still meets your needs or you are looking for a new policy, let the team at Oliver Insurance, serving the greater Canby, OR region, assist you. Reach out to us today to learn more.

Why All Homeowners Need Home Insurance

If you are a homeowner, you have a lot of essential responsibilities. One of these is to protect your home with a home insurance policy. There are countless risks that you face as a homeowner. These policies can protect you against many of these risks. Each policy comes with different types of coverage that are each important for your protection. Going without any of these coverage types can put you at risk for financial disaster. Call us today at Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR when you need home insurance.

Property Protection

When you have home insurance, it protects the house itself. It has a wide range of damaging events that it covers. This can include several disasters as well as things like accidents. When damage is done to your home by a damaging event, the policy will pay for the repairs. Major repairs can be extremely expensive, especially if areas of your home have to be rebuilt. When you have home insurance, it can save you from these expenses. 

Item Protection

All your belongings are likely in your home and need to be protected, too. It’s crucial to have home insurance for the coverage it gives you for your belongings. If a damaging event happened and ruined many of your items, your home policy could pay for them to be replaced. It’s a good idea to have this coverage no matter how much you own. Replacing everything can cost a considerable amount. It would be best to always have home insurance to protect you from that high cost. When you set up your policy, an estimate of the value of your belongings will be made. 

Get Home Insurance Today

When you own a home, never be without home insurance. Give us a call now at Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR. 

Understanding Rate Increases

As we settle into 2023, we’d like to address the rising cost of insurance. Unfortunately, the auto & home insurance industry is not immune to the current domestic challenges – think rising inflation, labor shortages, environmental disasters, supply chain issues and more. The trickledown is here. We could spew all sorts of data, numbers and statistics your way. But, quite simply, for a whole host of reasons named above, it costs more to replace and/or repair our cars, homes, and properties. Their values have increased, making them more costly to insure. Seeing a rate increase at renewal is a very real scenario.

We understand the frustration of seeing a rate increase upon renewal – especially when you haven’t had a claim or an accident.

Our team is proactively working through renewals and rate changes. Our goal is keeping you properly insured at a fair and competitive price. Your best interest is in our best interest.

How we are addressing substantial rate increases …
1) Identify any discount opportunities you may not be taking advantage of
2) If needed, quote multiple insurance carriers so you can see your options with regards to premium/deductible/discounts.
3) Use our industry knowledge to help you select the right coverage and policy for your unique situation, helping you avoid being caught under-insured (yes – that IS a thing).
4) Continue to partner with quality insurance carriers who have a proven track record of superior customer service, reliability, and longevity.
5) Remain a people forward agency, where if you want/need to talk to a real live Oliver Insurance team member, you can and you will.

It can be tempting to jump ship and find a “less expensive” online option. We’d like the opportunity to help first. If we can’t offer a comparable, price competitive option, we will in fact, tell you that. No smoke and mirrors here.

We are available (in person, on the phone or via email) to work through any concerns you might have. Thank you for your business and trust in our agency. We look forward to a long partnership helping protect what matters to you!

What you can do to make your home a safer place

Safety in the home is something that everyone is concerned about. Safety means different things to different people. It can mean making your family safe from things outside the house or from things inside the home. Both of them are equally important. At Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR, we take our customers’ safety seriously and do our best to ensure their home insurance protects them. 

Accidents in the home are a very significant worry. More than 150,000 people die in the US from accidents every year, and of those, 75% are considered household injuries. This includes poisoning, falling, choking, drowning, and suffocation. 

Poisoning is the most common cause of death in the home but falls account for more than 70% of the injuries. Falls are particularly common among the elderly; the most common injury is a broken hip. Bathrooms are hazardous, so it is vital to ensure that the necessary precautions are taken to make slips and falls less common. 

Making your home safe also means protecting it from fire. Getting your furnace and chimney cleaned yearly can go a long way towards helping, and having smoke detectors that work is essential. 

Installing a home security system is both simple and inexpensive, and many are DIY projects that take very little time. You can monitor your home with your smartphone, and installing smart locks lets you ensure your house is locked tight even when you are not at home. Windows also have locks, and ensuring they are in use is a big help to your home’s safety. Installing motion detector lights on the exterior of your home also provides additional safety. 

Contact Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR if you are a first-time homeowner or are ready to get a quote from a new carrier. 

How do you file a claim on your commercial insurance policy?

Many business claims start with a police report because they center around the crimes of theft, vandalism, or the rarer, embezzlement. Other claims, such as storm damage or equipment breakdowns, start with your insurance company, Oliver Insurance. Read on to learn the steps to follow to file a commercial insurance claim.

  1. Call the police and file a report if you need to file a claim due to any crime at your business.
  2. Call your insurance agent. For anything other than a crime, you can probably completely file your claim the same day the event occurs. For a crime, you need to provide the official police report.
  3. Take photos of the crime scene or claim-worthy event while waiting for the police or your insurance agent. Do not move any items if you report a crime. The police need the scene preserved until they document it.
  4. Begin looking for repair people after your insurer and the police finish with your office or event location. These repair crews can’t come to visit your location until the police release it if a crime occurs.
  5. Contract with a certified public accountant if you file a business interruption claim. A forensic accountant can assist your business in documenting business income loss.
  6. Follow up with the police to obtain a copy of the police report.
  7. Provide the police report to your insurance agent.

Your insurance agent should contact you when the agency has your check ready, or they may directly deposit the claim amount in your checking account.

Your diligence in preparing the claim can mean the difference between a quick claim and significant delays.

Keep your Canby, OR business running smoothly with commercial insurance from Oliver Insurance. Call us today for a custom commercial policy to protect your company.

Why Every Homeowner Needs Home Insurance

For homeowners, there are a lot of risks that they face from a wide range of incidents that can happen to and in their homes. However, home insurance provides a number of types of protection to help them mitigate many of those risks. With home insurance, you can get the protection that you need to have better peace of mind. If you need home insurance, contact us Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR today to make your appointment. 

House Protection

What home insurance is perhaps best known for is the protection afforded to the house itself. This protection allows your policy to pay for the repairs that are necessary after certain events happen to your house. Many different types of events are covered by standard home insurance, including certain types of disasters and calamities. When one of these covered incidents takes place, it can mean enormous repair bills for your house. If you aren’t protected by home insurance, you would be responsible for those bills yourself. 

Protection for Belongings

Just like the protection that home insurance gives to your house, it also gives protection for the belongings inside the house. Covered incidents that damage or destroy possessions inside the house can be replaced with the help of your home insurance policy. If you didn’t have the policy, you would have to replace everything from your own pocket. Most people would be unable to afford such an enormous expense. 

Liability Protection

Another type of protection afforded by home insurance is liability coverage. This protects homeowners in case someone were to have an accident with injuries in their home. The policy would pay for the medical bills instead of the homeowner. 

Get Home Insurance Now

If you don’t yet have your home policy, there is no time to wait. Call us at Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR.

How Home Insurance Protects You

If you own a home, it’s essential that you have a home insurance policy on your house for as long as you live there. If you don’t have this type of policy in place, it’s important for you to give us a call at Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR to get started. No homeowner should ever be without this coverage. In many cases, it is required by the mortgage lender that you keep this insurance. But even when it isn’t required, you should have a policy.

The House

With a home policy, there is coverage built in that protects your house against any damages that are caused by covered incidents. These may be weather disasters, accidents, geological problems, etc. As long as it is covered, the damages that it creates to your home will be paid for by the policy. This includes rebuilding the entire house if it is destroyed. When there is serious damage to your home, the price can be incredibly high to get it all repaired. With home insurance, those costs are taken care of.

Your Belongings

Inside your house is likely most, or even all, of what you own. Those items are important, and they often represent a large outlay of money. With your home insurance policy, items that are damaged or ruined can be replaced. If there is a serious incident that ruins many of your belongings, it can be prohibitively expensive to replace them all yourself. With your home policy, you won’t have to. This is a helpful way to protect not just the dwelling but everything that is inside it as well. 

Get Your Home Insurance Policy

If you own a home, you need to have home insurance. To find out more about it, contact us at Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR today. 

Potential Rate Changes for WA Residents

** Important News regarding Potential Rate Increases/Changes forWA Residents **

The State of Washington’s Insurance Commissioner, Mike Kreidler, issued an order on March 23, 2021, that bans the use of credit in setting insurance rates for new and renewed policies as of June 20, 2021.

Unfortunately, this policy change will potentially effect over 1 million people in the state of Washington.  The removal of credit-based insurance scores will likely raise insurance premiums for the vast majority of Washington residents.

Our agency wanted you to be aware of this legislature change that could last for up to 3 years.  It will affect new policies and renewals for auto, homeowners and rental insurance across all carriers. In some cases, the premium increase could be significant. This impacts all insurance carriers in the state of Washington. 

As your independent agency, we can compare pricing among multiple carriers. We will continue to work to find you the most competitive rate based on your coverage needs. Also, we can look for other opportunities to help reduce premiums. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. I have attached a link to an article that explores all sides of this issue.

Best regards,

Ryan Oliver, President of Oliver Insurance

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