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Things to Know about Classic and Vintage Motorcycle Insurance

Oregon requires classic and vintage motorcycle owners to meet the standard motorcycle insurance coverage requirements for bodily injury and property damage liability, personal injury protection, and uninsured motorists. Although it is recommended, Oregon does not require collision or comprehensive coverage that distinguishes traditional and classic motorcycle coverage. For those living in or near Canby, OR, contact the Oliver Insurance team to discuss how to cover yourself and your classic or vintage motorcycle.

What’s Different About Classic and Vintage Motorcycle Insurance?

The definitions for classic, vintage, and antique motorcycles vary. For licensing purposes, Oregon issues vintage motorcycle plates for bikes older than half the number of years between the current year and 1900, so bikes built before 1962 qualify as vintage motorcycles (as of 2024). In contrast, insurance companies often consider classic motorcycles 20 to 24 years old, vintage motorcycles 25 to 34 years old, and antique motorcycles 35 years or older. Check with your agent for the definitions used by specific insurers.

Collision and comprehensive coverage for newer and classic bikes differ because classic bikes are distinctive and insured based on an agreed-upon value. Determining the agreed-upon value generally requires an inspection to assess the bike’s age, upgrades, and part brands, along with some negotiation. Most classic policies pay to repair damage using the same parts brand on the motorcycle before the loss occurred. Many allow you to have the repairs performed at a shop you trust or to perform the repairs yourself.

Working With Oliver Insurance

If you live in or near Canby, OR, call our friendly team at Oliver Insurance at 503-266-2715. We are ready to address all your motorcycle and other insurance needs. So, give us a call or stop by to see us today.

Spring Is the Right Time to Update Your Boat Insurance

Springtime: The Perfect Time to Evaluate Your Boat Insurance

With the arrival of spring and the anticipation of warmer weather and outdoor activities, it’s an ideal time to evaluate your boat insurance. If you own a boat or plan to acquire one, ensuring you have the right insurance coverage should be on your spring to-do list. Oliver Insurance is ready to assist individuals in the Canby, OR area looking to initiate or update a policy. Our aim is to help you fully enjoy your boating experience.

Annual Review of Your Boat Insurance

Even if there have been no significant changes to your household, conducting an annual review of your boat insurance is recommended to ensure the best coverage for your current situation. Though this could technically be done any time of the year, spring provides an excellent opportunity to prepare for the summer and its recreational activities. Boating and relaxing on the water are excellent ways to appreciate nature and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Working with Dedicated Insurance Agents

Collaborating with dedicated agents gives you access to quotes from multiple insurers, allowing you to focus on selecting the most suitable one. Even if you’ve had the same policy for a while, that does not mean you can’t or shouldn’t update it to meet your specific needs better. Working with an agent simplifies the process of adjusting your policy at your convenience.

Contact us at Oliver Insurance today if you’re in the Canby, OR area and seeking quality boat insurance. We stand ready to assist you in updating your existing policy or working with you to locate a new one, ensuring you are fully prepared for warm weather and time spent on the water.

Why You Need Life Insurance: Protecting Your Family Is Easier Than You Think

Unveiling the Importance of Life Insurance

Life insurance is a pivotal part of financial planning. However, it often gets overshadowed by other immediate financial needs. Are you contemplating life insurance in Canby, OR? At Oliver Insurance, we prioritize your peace of mind by establishing a solid financial safety net for your family.

Decoding Life Insurance

Fundamentally, there are two types of life insurance: whole life and term life. Whole Life Insurance offers coverage for your entire lifetime as long as the premiums are paid. On the other hand, Term Life Insurance provides coverage for a defined term, typically 10, 20, or 30 years. Understanding these types can help you make an informed decision.

Top reasons to get life insurance

Life insurance is more than just a policy; it is security that can financially protect your loved ones if something were to happen to you. Taxes, fees, and other debts should not be the things your family needs to worry about in a moment of loss. It can help with expenses, supplement the family income, and even support your child’s future education. While considering your personal financial state, with a life insurance plan, you can ensure that your family will be looked after when you’re no longer around.

Reach out to Oliver Insurance Today

Are you ready to strengthen your family’s financial safety net with a life insurance plan? At Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR, we take pride in our personalized, client-centric approach. Our team is ready to ensure that you comfortably navigate the different aspects of life insurance and secure the perfect coverage for your unique needs. Reach out for a quote or try our online rating tool for home and auto insurance quotes.

How Umbrella Insurance Protects You Financially

Enhance Your Financial Protection with Umbrella Insurance

With various policies available, understanding the nuances of insurance coverage can be daunting. From home to auto insurance, these common policies provide a fundamental level of financial protection. However, their umbrella insurance policy is available for those who want to ensure they are thoroughly covered. This kind of policy can be a valuable addition to your existing coverage and provide you with substantial peace of mind. Here at Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR, we’re ready to help you understand and evaluate your need for an umbrella insurance policy.

More Than Just Basic Coverage

While home and auto insurance are staples in most people’s list of necessary policies, they might not offer complete coverage for the potential financial risks you can encounter. These base policies generally incorporate liability coverage, which can be lifesaving in the event of causing personal injuries or property damages. However, the payout limits of home and auto insurance might be inadequate to cover such incidents’ financial obligations fully.

Broaden Your Safety Net with Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella insurance policy ramps up your defense by providing an extra layer of liability coverage. These policies are known for their high payout limits, enabling you to cover costly accidents without digging into your savings. An umbrella policy comes into play when your standard coverage is exhausted. It takes care of the overage that you would otherwise need to cover out of pocket. In other words, with an umbrella policy, you can create a financial safeguard that will allow you to weather the storm of unexpected incidents.

Begin Your Journey Towards Enhanced Financial Protection

If you’re considering an umbrella policy or wish to learn more about your coverage options, our expert agents at Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR, are here to help. We can guide you in understanding and obtaining an umbrella policy that meets your needs and concerns. Give our team a call today to begin fortifying your financial protection.

Security Upgrades For Your Place Of Business

Adding security measures to your business plan could prevent incidents requiring you to file an insurance claim. Review the guidelines below. Then, contact one of our Canby, OR agents at Oliver Insurance to update your insurance policy.

Safety Training

If your employees must use machinery or handle hazardous materials, enrolling them in a safety training program is essential. Safety training courses prevent mishaps that could slow down production or cost a lot of money.

Accessibility Aids

Railings, floor mats, and caution signs can make a business setting safer to access. Before you add accessibility aids to your business setting, conduct an inspection of your place of business. Take note of the areas where a potential accident could occur. Use this list to select accessibility aids that will improve safety.


Updated surveillance equipment will track incidents that occur at your place of business. The equipment could also prevent theft and vandalism. Have new surveillance equipment professionally installed. Hire someone to inspect the equipment at standard times. 

Fire Protection

Extinguishers, sprinklers, alarms, and other protection aids will detect fires and prevent them from spreading within your place of business.

Consider the manner in which your business is currently equipped with safety gear. Prepare a fire safety plan that involves having protection equipment installed and monitored. Prepare an evacuation route that your employees can use in the event of an emergency.

Contact our Team at Oliver Insurance!

Research the many ways to upgrade security measures and contact an agent at Oliver Insurance. An agent who serves Canby, OR will consult with you about the security upgrades you select. Then, they will prepare a commercial insurance policy that will protect your place of business.

What are the Most Common Pet insurance Claims for Dogs & Cats?

While dogs and cats are different by design, they often have some of the same health problems. Owners who opt to carry pet insurance will surely save some money should their dog or cat develop these common conditions.

Top Pet Insurance Claims for Canines

  1. Ear Infections: Anything from ear mites and food allergies to foreign bodies entering the canal can cause ear infections, causing dogs to shake their heads and scratch them frequently.
  2. Allergies: Runny or stuffy nose, coughing, and sneezing are signs that your dog has encountered something they are allergic to. A vet visit using your pet coverage from Oliver Insurance will be necessary.
  3. Skin Infections: Brushing up against foliage and weeds or getting bit by fleas or ticks can result in painful skin infections.
  4. Upset Stomach: Pets may have apparent symptoms like loose stool, vomiting, or loss of appetite with an upset tummy. If there is blood in their stool or a fever, see a vet ASAP.
  5. Diarrhea: Dogs may have bouts of diarrhea that go away in a day or two. If it lasts longer, a dog can become dehydrated and have a serious condition.

Top Pet Insurance Claims for Felines

  1. Urinary Tract Infections: If the kitty is only urinating in small amounts and seems to strain or be in pain, have them checked for a UTI immediately.
  2. Upset Stomach: Like dogs, cats can get upset tummies for many of the same reasons their counterparts do.
  3. Kidney Failure: Lack of appetite, vomiting, dehydration, weakness, and weight loss are indicative of failing kidneys. This is an urgent care situation.
  4. Diarrhea: Cats get diarrhea occasionally, particularly those who like to eat plant greens and dig in the trash.
  5. Allergies: Symptoms are the same as in humans and dogs and include swelling and itching of the nose and eyes and nose. Sneezing, stuffy or runny nose, coughing, or red eyes.

Get Pet Insurance Today

Contact Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR for a quote from multiple carrier partners with just one phone call or online request. We offer a wide range of insurance services in five states on the West Coast, including pet insurance. Contact us to learn more!

What Are The Risks Of Not Having Proper Motorcycle Insurance?

What can be more exciting than riding a motorcycle? It is a breathtaking experience, but it comes with certain risks. One of the most significant risks for all motorcycle owners is not carrying proper motorcycle insurance. Keep on reading this blog post to find out what chances you will have if you decide to skip motorcycle insurance and ride without it:

  • Financial burden. Even the most careful riders get into accidents. If you are involved in an accident on the road and do not have insurance, you will have to cover all the financial expenses out of your pocket. You may have to pay for property damage, medical bills, legal fees, and more.
  • Legal consequences. One of the immediate risks is legal consequences. Riding without proper motorcycle insurance can result in license suspension, penalties, and even the impoundment of a motorcycle. 
  • Medical expenses. If a road accident causes injuries, medical expenses can be astronomical. Without motorcycle insurance, you will have to cover these expenses yourself. Your health is priceless, and that is why having motorcycle insurance is so crucial. 
  • Losing motorcycle. Your motorcycle is probably one of your most precious investments, and it would be heartbreaking to lose it because of the lack of motorcycle insurance. If you have collision or comprehensive coverage, they will help you repair or replace your motorcycle in case of an accident or theft. 

Oliver Insurance – Reliable Insurance Company Serving Clients in Oregon

Are you a happy motorcycle owner living in Canby, OR, or any other nearby town in Oregon? Are you looking for motorcycle insurance to protect your motorcycle or yourself? You should contact our insurance company specializing in different types of insurance, including motorcycle insurance. We work with clients in Canby, OR, and other towns and areas throughout Oregon. If you want to know more, feel free to visit the Oliver Insurance website or call us.


What Are The Risks Of Not Having Boat Insurance?

If you own a boat, you probably consider it a precious investment. And as with any precious investment, it requires special protection. The best way to protect your boat is to have proper boat insurance. Your boat insurance policy is like a safety net designed to protect you from many risks you may face daily. What are the dangers of not carrying boat insurance? Here is a list of them:

  • Damage to your watercraft. If your boat is damaged and you do not have coverage, you will have to cover all the expenses yourself. 
  • Medical expenses. Without boat insurance, you and your passengers will not be covered for medical costs incurred in an accident. Your health insurance might cover some of them, but extra expenses will remain uncovered. 
  • Liability consequences. If you cause an accident on your boat, you will risk liability for property and personal damage to others and their boat. Even a minor accident can cost you thousands of dollars without insurance. 
  • Theft and vandalism risks. As a boat owner, you probably invested a lot in your watercraft. Therefore, such unfortunate things as vandalism and theft can lead to a substantial loss. Boat insurance provides you with proper coverage in case your boat is stolen or vandalized. 

Oliver Insurance – Reliable And Trustworthy Insurance Company Serving Clients in Canby, OR

Do you live in Canby, OR, or any other nearby town in Oregon? Do you own a watercraft that you want to protect? Do not worry – Oliver Insurance is ready to assist you. Our insurance company specializes in various types of insurance, including boat insurance. You can visit our website or call us if you want to know more.  

How does umbrella insurance work in Canby, OR?

Many people don’t realize that umbrella insurance can help almost anyone. Like a real umbrella, an umbrella policy covers you and your family when troubles rain down, keeping you safe from harm. If you live in or around Canby, OR, Oliver Insurance can help you learn more about an umbrella policy to decide if it would help you.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

An umbrella policy is an extension of your regular insurance. As an individual, you may carry policies for your auto and home. If you have a small business, you may have several kinds of insurance, such as general liability, product liability, commercial auto, and others.

If you are involved in an accident, and that accident is determined to be your fault, your insurance will pay out to your coverage limits. For instance, if you have a $50,000 limit on medical bills, your insurance will stop paying at $50,000. Someone who has suffered severe injuries may need much more than that to recover.

If you have umbrella insurance, you must wait until you reach the maximum on the original policy. After that, the umbrella coverage kicks in, continuing to pay on the claim.

Why Is Umbrella Coverage Important?

Without the umbrella policy, you or your business would be liable once you meet your maximum limits. Not only does umbrella insurance continue to pay on the basic claims, but your coverage will also pay for associated legal fees and other expenses.

Canby, OR is a great place to live, but sometimes things happen. Umbrella insurance gives you the peace of mind to know you and your family are safe. If you want to find a policy or have questions about umbrella insurance, please call Oliver Insurance today.

Term Life and Whole Life Insurance

When you have loved ones, you need to provide for them when you’re gone; you need a life insurance policy. There are two main types of these- whole life and term life. Each type has benefits and drawbacks, and there may be one of them that is better for your needs than the other. When you want to know more about life insurance policies or get started with a policy of your own, call us at Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR.

Whole Life Insurance

This life insurance type can be kept for the rest of your life regardless of age. It never expires, so you can keep it as long as you want. It is more expensive than the other types of life insurance, but many people find that they get a lot of value for that price. This policy can bring great peace of mind because it can’t be canceled if you keep making the payments for it. These policies also have the advantage of building up a specific value. This is a cash value that the policyholder can get cash for and pay back like any other loan. It can make a big difference when you have a serious financial situation. 

Term Life Insurance

This type has a set term of years that the policy will last. Once the expiration date rolls around, there is no more policy. You would then have to find a new policy and apply for it. However, this insurance type is relatively inexpensive. It costs much less than a whole life policy, making it the right choice for many people.

Get Your Life Insurance

To keep your family protected, you need life insurance. Call us at Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR to get your policy.

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