3 things you didn’t know about umbrella insurance

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance offers an extra layer of liability protection to your home, automobiles, and business. The policy provides you with peace of mind in case of damages or lawsuits.  Many Canby, OR residents assume that umbrella insurance is more beneficial to some people than others. However, the truth is there is a lot that people don’t know about this policy. Here are three things you probably didn’t know about umbrella insurance.

Dog Owners Can Only Benefit If the Breed in Question is Covered.

Some dog breeds are not covered under umbrella insurance. If you are buying insurance for the first time, enquire about the breeds covered to ensure you are not locked out of coverage. Our insurance agents at Oliver insurance can take you through the process and inform you what your policy covers and what it does not. With dog-related injuries and bites getting common every day, you may want to ensure that umbrella insurance has your back when home insurance is not enough to cover medical bills or lawsuits.

Some Risk Factors Affect Your Coverage

Many people purchase umbrella insurance due to attractive liability coverage. Umbrella insurance generally covers most aspects of liability, including slander and libel regardless of where it happened. We all know how expensive lawsuits can get, but some people are more prone to getting slapped with lawsuits than others. For instance, if you own businesses, are a pet owner, have several teenagers at home or have a gym, swimming pool or trampoline at home, you should buy enough umbrella insurance to protect you from potential lawsuits.

Not All Lawsuits Are Covered

Well, this shouldn’t scare you if the accidents that led to the lawsuit weren’t intentional. Note that umbrella insurance covers almost all aspects of lawsuits but not criminal activities or deliberate acts of harm. These may include discrimination, sexual harassment, property damage, and bodily harm. Umbrella insurance is only designed to protect against accidents, even if you are at fault but not acts of malice.

Are you looking to buy umbrella insurance in Canby, OR? Contact Oliver Insurance for unmatched services and quotes.

Types of Life Insurance

No one wants to think about dying but unfortunately, it is a fact of life. There is a lot to be said for taking solace in knowing your loved ones will be protected when that time comes and the best way to achieve that is by having a good life insurance policy in place. The life insurance agents at Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR know and understand all facets of life insurance and can help you obtain the best policy for you and your situation.

Reasons to Obtain Life Insurance

Most life insurance policies through an employer will only cover the cost of your funeral and burial costs. You will want to ensure your family is in a good place financially if you pass away and to do that, you will need a more comprehensive life insurance package.

With a good life insurance policy in place, your family will be able to pay off any debts you leave behind in the event of your untimely death. This will be a hard time for your loved ones and taking financial stress off of them is a gift from you that will be appreciated.

A permanent life insurance policy can actually accumulate a cash value over the life of the policy, unlike a term life insurance policy that expires at the end of the term that was stipulated at the start of the policy. A permanent life insurance policy allows you to borrow against it while you are still alive in case you need the money. It allows you to do this without paying taxes so you can use the money to supplement your social security or retirement benefits during your golden years or before that time if needed.

To determine the type of life insurance that will work best for you and your loved ones, contact an experienced agent at Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR for all of your life insurance needs.

What happens if my business doesn’t have commercial insurance?

Failing to carry any commercial insurance or not enough coverage can have devastating financial and legal repercussions for businesses. Not only does not having commercial insurance open the business to potential exposure in lawsuits, but it can also result in significant fines and even potential closure from the state for failing to follow the law. Keep in mind, that commercial insurance is truly designed to protect the business by offering safeguards to your employees if they are injured on the job or to protect your years of hard work if there is a breach of contract or cyber attack. 

Specific to Oregon, there are two types of insurance that every business – regardless of size – must carry. The first is workers’ compensation insurance which is required for any company that has at least one full-time or part-time employee. The second requirement is commercial auto insurance which is required for any vehicle that is owned by the business. If you own a business where you require your employees to utilize their personal vehicle like a delivery or home repair company then opting for hired and non-owned insurance will save numerous headaches and expenses down the road. In short, hired and non-owned insurance is designed to offer auto coverage to work used personal vehicles because most traditional auto policies will exclude business use from coverage. 

At Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR our friendly team of knowledgeable insurance professionals are ready to assist in finding you the perfect policy for your business. Not only will we walk you through the coverage options for the two required insurances, but we’ll also explain the benefits of optional coverages that may offer additional peace of mind. 

A Thorough Overview Of What Pet Insurance Entails

Oliver Insurance Serves the Canby, OR community, as well as the surrounding areas, by offering multiple types of insurance coverage. We are proud to help our clients find policies that will enable them to live a comfortable lifestyle. As an independent agency, we will go the extra mile to make sure that you receive the coverage that you are looking for.

Pet Insurance

If you are one of the millions of people across the country who own a pet, pet insurance will cover their care. Maintaining a proper treatment schedule for your pet can be overwhelming at times. However, pet insurance will help alleviate some of the stress associated with taking care of your pet. The policy covers your pet’s care if they are seriously injured. Your pet is covered if they have to spend time in the hospital. The policy also covers preventative care such as your pet’s routine trips to the veterinarian, their dental work, and their vaccinations.

You have the option to choose the veterinarian that you believe will administer the right treatment to your pet. You don’t have to worry about choosing a physician through a network. Keep in mind that some policies are different. If you have a unique pet that is different from a traditional cat or dog, you will need a different type of policy. It’s hard to predict the future. If your pet isn’t feeling well and a trip to the veterinarian reveals a serious ailment, pet insurance will cover you. You may be able to add a rider to your policy to help your pet receive the care that they need.

Oliver Insurance Will Help You Take Care Of Your Pet

Visit our website today to learn more information about pet insurance. We proudly serve the Canby, OR community.

Which water activities are covered by boat insurance

There is so much you can do in water, whether for recreation or commercial. Boat owners in Canby, OR have the advantage of using large water bodies to engage in exciting water activities or make money through fishing, ferrying, and other water activities. However, with fun comes accidents that could leave you bankrupt. That is why Oliver Insurance recommends buying insurance to protect yourself financially while in the water. So which water activities are covered by your boat insurance? Read on to find out.

Most policies cover water sports activities.

Water sports are on the rise, which is probably why many people are buying boats. Fortunately, water sports are covered by boat insurance. Whether you enjoy skiing or wakeboarding, boat insurance has got you covered. Most water sports activities come with restrictions, as most of them are deemed dangerous. Having enough liability may be the best way to protect yourself from financial losses if a third party is injured and decides to sue you.

Boat insurance is competitive and comprehensive.

There will always be coverage for every danger or peril under the sun. Most coverages are customizable to fit your needs as a water sports person.  With sports, anything can happen, and insurers are always keen to ensure that all accidents are included to protect boat owners.

Some sports are more dangerous than others.

Whether you are an experienced boater or not, accidents can happen. You may want to argue that you are safe and too good at skiing that you cannot make a mistake, but the truth is that you never know. It is always advisable to take as many precautions as possible to stay safe.

Buying a boat in Canby, OR? Don’t worry about your insurance because  Oliver Insurance is here to take you through the journey and help you find a policy that fits your bill and style. Call us today!

Three questions to ask when you’re purchasing motorcycle insurance in Oregon

Purchasing motorcycle insurance is among your most important responsibilities as a motorcyclist in Oregon. If you are on the market for motorcycle insurance in Oregon, we can assist you at Oliver Insurance. 

The following are three questions Oregon motorists should ask before purchasing motorcycle insurance coverage in Canby, OR.

What are the motorcycle insurance requirements in Oregon?

When it comes to liability coverage, motorcyclists are expected to meet some minimum coverage requirements in Oregon. 

Motorcyclists need to carry at least $25,000 in coverage for bodily injury coverage per person in each accident. They also need to carry $50,000 in total bodily injury coverage per accident.

In terms of property damage coverage, Oregon motorcyclists are expected to carry $20,000 in coverage.

Should I purchase collision and comprehensive coverage?

It’s always a good idea to purchase collisions and comprehensive coverage. These types of coverage aren’t required by state law in Oregon. However, they ensure that you’ll be compensated for damage to your own bike if you get into a motorcycle accident. 

How much does motorcycle insurance cost in Oregon?

It’s good to have a general idea of how much motorcycle insurance typically costs in your state. This can help you to evaluate different quotes you’re offered by motorcycle insurance providers you’re interested in buying from.

For motorcyclists in Oregon, the average premium on a policy is $652. If you’re offered a premium at or below this amount, you’re getting a pretty good offer when it comes to motorcycle insurance in Oregon. 

Are you ready to find the right motorcycle insurance policy to meet your needs? We’re standing by to offer assistance to motorists in Canby, OR. Contact us at Oliver Insurance with your motorcycle insurance inquiries and questions. 

Am I Too Young for Life Insurance?

Many Canby, OR residents in their 20’s-30’s may be a long way from considering getting life insurance. However, it’s never too early to start considering a life insurance policy, even if you are young. Many young people are more than likely unfamiliar with the in’s and out’s of life insurance, what it covers, and what types of coverage there are. You can learn all about life insurance with the experts at Oliver Insurance. 

What Types of Life Insurance Are There? 

Essentially, life insurance provides financial relief in the event that you die before your policy is over. With so many different life insurance options out there, it can be hard to know which is best for you. Here are some of the different types of life insurance: 

  • Term Whole Life 
  • Whole Life
  • Universal Life
  • Variable Life
  • Simplified Issue Life 
  • Guaranteed Issue Life
  • Group Life 

These are some of the more common types of life insurance. The kind you choose will be the kind that is most applicable to your situation. If you don’t have a family, then you probably wouldn’t want to choose group life insurance. If you’re young, you probably wouldn’t want whole term life insurance. To find the right life insurance coverage for you, visit Oliver Insurance. 

When Should I Get Life Insurance? 

You are never too young to have life insurance. In most states, you are legally required to have a minimal amount of life insurance when you are around 25 years of age. Even if you are young, you should still have minimum coverage since life can be unpredictable. Even if you don’t have a family of your own, you still have friends, family members, and other people who would be impacted by your passing. 

Stay Protected with Oliver Insurance. 

When it’s time to choose a life insurance policy, visit Oliver Insurance to find the right coverage for you. Our office serves the Canby, OR area. 

How can umbrella insurance protect me in Canby

One very important form of insurance that all people in the Canby OR area need to have is personal liability protection. Personal liability coverage can come in a variety of forms, which can include getting it through an auto policy or home insurance policy. For some people in this area, getting an additional policy can be helpful. By getting an umbrella insurance policy here, you can be protected in several ways.

Gives Additional Protection to an Individual

One great way that this insurance can protect you is by providing you with additional insurance protection. Anyone that is looking to get insurance for liability protection will start by getting home and auto policies. However, if you want the most coverage possible, upgrading your plan to include umbrella coverage is a good idea. With this coverage, you will have additional protection that can help if there is ever a bad accident.

Gives Coverage for More Risks

A lot of people also choose to get umbrella coverage as it is more all-inclusive when it comes to providing coverage. With a home or auto policy, you can get great coverage, but it does not include protection for anything that could result in a personal liability claim. With umbrella protection, you will get the additional coverage that you need to receive support. 

Those that want umbrella coverage in the Canby, OR area need to spend time carefully assessing their risks and picking a policy. Since there are plenty of complexities that come with this process, speaking with the team at Oliver Insurance could be helpful. The insurance professionals at Oliver Insurance can help anyone learn more about their insurance options. They can then help you assess your personal risks and choose a policy that mitigates liability risks as well as possible. 

A Look At Different Types Of Commercial Insurance Policies That Small Businesses Should Research

Based in Canby, OR, Oliver Insurance strives to help the community find the insurance coverage that they need. We are committed to providing excellent customer service. As an independent agency, we take time to examine our client’s situation in order to help them find a policy that fits their specified needs.

Commercial Insurance

Canby, OR is home to several thriving businesses that have helped stimulate the economy. Commercial insurance allows businesses to continue growing. The policy reduces some of the potential risks that you may be exposed to while running your business.

Business Liability Coverage

Business Liability Coverage allows you to protect your business in the event that a situation arises in which you may be held liable. Identity theft coverage protects your business in the event that there are allegations of fraud. You can also add coverage to protect any of your business’s executive officers against potential allegations.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation allows you to take care of your employees in the event of an accident. The policy allows you to protect the interests of your employees, which should improve morale.

Property Coverage

Commercial property coverage allows you to protect your most important assets in the event that they are damaged or vandalized. The policy helps secure the long term future of your business.

Auto Coverage

If a major part of your business involves transportation, it’s important that you have coverage. The commercial auto policy will protect your vehicles in the event that they are damaged as a result of an accident. You can add liability coverage to your vehicles as well.

Oliver Insurance Will Simplify The Process

Figuring out the type of commercial coverage that you need is a complicated process. Stop by our office in Canby, OR and we will help you.

Do You Need Pet Insurance?

As a pet parent, you want the best for your kit or pup. Pet insurance from Oliver Insurance can help offset the cost of veterinary care in Canby, OR, making it easier for you to get the medical services you need for your pet. Here’s how you can benefit from a pet insurance policy.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover? 

Pet insurance basically comes in three types of plans: Accident-Only plans, Accident & Illness plans, and Insurance with Wellness plans. Each of these plans offers specific types of coverage.

As the name implies, accident-Only plans cover accidents, i.e. accidental poisoning, ingestion of a foreign object or car accidents, etc. Accident & Illness plans add illnesses to your coverage, to include allergies, infections, digestive problems, cancers, etc. Insurance with wellness includes coverage for accidents, illness, and preventative care services like vaccinations, parasite control, dental care, and cremation/burial services.

As pet insurance coverage and costs vary from one insurer to another, it’s important to review your policy carefully before buying to insure you’re getting the most from your investment.

Should You Purchase Pet Insurance?

As a pet owner, you need to decide if pet insurance is worth the cost. Your pet may be healthy now, but you never know what the future holds. An unexpected illness or accident could double or triple your veterinary costs, putting a massive dent in your budget. Pet insurance can be a lifesaver in helping to cover unforeseen or emergency medical costs.

As your pet ages, he may develop a chronic condition that requires regular medical treatments. Pet insurance can help you cope with the cost of these treatments. Some policies have age restrictions for coverage, however, which could affect the help you receive for your senior pet. 

For more information about pet insurance coverage and costs in Canby, OR, call or visit Oliver Insurance.