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Do You Need Flood Insurance?

As a homeowner, you can’t afford to overlook critical details in your insurance coverage. Many homeowners believe a regular homeowner’s insurance policy covers flood damage. This is not usually the case, however. At Oliver Insurance, serving Canby, OR, and the surrounding area, we are here to help you better understand insurance coverage for your home. Keep reading to learn more. 

Is Flood Damage Covered Under My Policy?

Not all home insurance policies provide for flood damage resulting from natural disasters. This is because flood risks vary so much from region to region in the US. It isn’t easy to create insurance policies that cover everyone similarly. 

Do I Need To Add Flood Insurance?

If you are in an area of the US that experiences flood risks, you should talk to an insurance expert concerning flood insurance. This is usually an additional type of coverage that you would add to your policy. 

To determine your risk for flooding, an insurance professional will sit down with you and evaluate the risk factors for the area in which you live. 

What Does Natural Disaster Flooding Mean?

A natural disaster flood means flooding from something outside your home. This can include the weather, an earthquake, or flooding caused by other things. This differs from flooding, which can happen within your home due to faulty plumbing or an appliance malfunctioning. 

If you would like to learn more about flooding risks and flood insurance, please contact us at Oliver Insurance, serving Canby, OR, and the surrounding areas. We will be thrilled to meet you and help you better understand your insurance options. 

Boating to Canada? What You Need to Know About Boat Insurance

Many of us in Canby, OR enjoy taking our boats out on the water. But what happens if you plan to take your boat across the border into Canada? Do you need additional or specialized boat insurance to visit our northern neighbor? 

Do I Need Additional Boat Insurance If I Take My Boat To Canada? 

The short answer is yes; you will likely need additional boat insurance if you take your vessel into Canadian waters. This is because Canadian waters’ rules and regulations differ from those in the US. The same applies to rental boats; if you’re renting a boat in Canada, ensure it has proper coverage since your existing policy may not apply there. 

What Does My Existing Policy Cover When Taking My Boat To Canada? 

Your existing policy likely won’t cover any accidents while boating in Canada. While some policies may offer limited coverage for recreational vessels operating within 25 miles of the US-Canadian border, check with Oliver Insurance before you leave. In most cases, additional coverage is recommended when taking your boat across the border—especially if you intend to stay in Canadian waters for longer than a few days. 

How Can I Get Additional Boat Insurance For Traveling Into Canadian Waters? 

We provide custom boat insurance policies at Oliver Insurance that meet each client’s unique needs. We understand how important it is to have peace of mind when taking your vessel out on open water, whether here in Canby, OR, or way up north. That’s why we work hard to provide boat insurance coverage tailored to each customer’s needs. Our knowledgeable agents can help you select a policy that offers the right coverage while staying within budget. 

How can I benefit from having umbrella insurance?

Anyone in the Canby, OR area will want to know they have proper personal liability coverage. An umbrella insurance plan is one of the best ways to be assured of adequate coverage. Those that receive this type of coverage can benefit in various ways. 

Get Coverage for More Scenarios

A reason that many people will want to obtain an umbrella insurance plan is so they can get coverage for more scenarios and perils. Most people will already have some liability coverage through their home or auto plans. However, these plans do not support all situations that can result in a liability claim. When you have umbrella insurance, it offers much broader personal liability support. 

Further Coverage for Large Claims

Getting an umbrella insurance plan can also be a good idea because it can provide you with more coverage. If you are found at fault for an accident at home or when driving, you will probably have some liability coverage through your other plans. However, if the claims are significant, they could exceed your base policies. In these situations, you will be happy to have umbrella insurance, which offers additional coverage on top of your other policies. 

Everyone in the Canby, OR area should take their personal insurance needs seriously. If you are looking for an umbrella insurance plan, call our team at Oliver Insurance to learn more about this option. Our team of professionals at Oliver Insurance knows how important this coverage is. We can give you the support you need to help ensure you get into the right plan for your situation, which will provide personal liability coverage to reduce your risks. 

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

If you are a business owner, you will want to protect your business financially, and the best way to do that is through a commercial insurance policy. The agents at Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR offer commercial insurance, also known as business insurance, to protect the investment you have made in your business.

Type of Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is designed to protect your business from a variety of risks, such as injuries to employees or customers while they are at your business, theft of property or damage to your business property, lawsuits from clients or customers, along with several other things that can happen when you own a business.

The two main types of commercial insurance are commercial property insurance and business liability insurance. Businesses that need commercial business insurance in place include small business owners, freelancers, and contractors.

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Commercial property insurance will help pay for property damage or loss due to theft, fire, vandalism, or natural disaster that causes damage to your business. Business liability insurance will help protect you and your business if someone files a lawsuit against your business due to an accident or injury on your property. These are reasons why commercial insurance is so vital for all business owners to have in place since it will protect you from any unforeseen circumstances or tragic events in the future.

Your business is one of the most significant investments you will make in your lifetime, so you must ensure that it is protected with the proper insurance coverage. To accomplish this, you need to contact a trusted insurance agent with experience in commercial insurance.

Contact Us

The agents at Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR are ready to assist you with your insurance needs and will help you choose a commercial insurance plan that fits your business and situation well. Call for a quote today and start securing an adequate amount of commercial insurance for your business!

Life Insurance Life Lessons

Death is a universal tragedy that can happen at any time. This event should push you to develop a financial plan for your dependents to avoid any financial challenges in the future. When a death occurs, no one is prepared for it. It results in grave financial constraints for beneficiaries, especially if one is the sole provider.

Are you looking for a formidable financial tool in Canby, OR, which will safeguard your beneficiaries from any financial challenges in the event of your demise? Please contact or visit us at Oliver Insurance, and our agents will take you through landing life insurance coverage in line with your budget and needs. 

Benefits Derived From Purchasing Life Insurance

Life insurance coverage can supplement one’s retirement benefits. Sourcing grotesque life insurance protection from Oliver Insurance, especially a whole or universal policy, builds up an invincible cash value, which is contributory in aiding you to supplement your pension.

Life insurance and death benefits are tax-free. By paying your premiums promptly for your life insurance policy and your demise comes to pass, your defendants are entitled to death benefits paid as a lump sum, and fortunately, they are tax-free.

Addition of more financial security. Buying life insurance protection will ensure your children’s ambitions aren’t shuttered after your death. Life insurance coverage can boost the financial strength of a policyholder when living or not. This protection guarantees that your beneficiaries achieve their dreams even if you die.

To cater for debts and other impending expenses. In our everyday activities, we give ourselves up to debts and accruing costs coming from our daily undertakings. Life goes on, even after your abrupt death. However, think about this. Your death has come; you haven’t mitigated your loved one financially. Luckily, a life insurance policy allows your dependents to fund their future, from your children’s education and debts to paying for burial expenses.

Are you searching for reliable life insurance coverage in Canby, OR? Please contact or visit us at Oliver Insurance today for more details about life insurance.

Four reasons why you need pet insurance

Investing in pet insurance is one of the best things you can do as a pet owner. At Oliver Insurance, we offer pet insurance policies that protect pets’ health in Canby, OR.

If you’ve never bought a pet insurance policy before, you may be interested in learning why pet insurance is so important. The following are four reasons why you need pet insurance. 

Pet insurance lets your pet enjoy better health throughout their life. 

Your pet needs to be healthy to be happy and comfortable. Investing in insurance for your pet is vital for ensuring that you’ll get your pet the health care needed for optimum health. 

You can keep your pet healthy with pet insurance.

Veterinary care can be expensive. With pet insurance, you can get the veterinary care that your pet needs at a more affordable cost than you could get it by paying out of pocket.

It’s more likely that you’ll be able to keep your pet healthy regardless of any veterinary health issues if you invest in pet insurance. 

You won’t experience as much stress about your pet’s health with pet insurance.

It’s stressful to worry about the potential for high veterinary care bills. This is especially true as your pet gets older.

With pet insurance, you won’t stress out as much about potential health problems for your pet. 

Pet insurance is readily available.

If you’ve never bought pet insurance before, you might be surprised at how easy it is to get. Pet insurance is probably more readily available and more affordable than you expect. 

Protect your pet’s health with pet insurance in Canby, OR. Get a quote on a policy for your pet today by contacting our office at Oliver Insurance. You can also give us a call to learn more about our pet insurance solutions. 

Safely Storing Your Motorcycle in an Oregon Winter

When winter threatens Canby, OR with below-freezing temperatures and freezing precipitation, you need to bring your bike inside and park it in the garage. But wait, what if you have no garage? Will a bike cover work?

Your Home’s Garage

Oliver Insurance wants you to avoid damage to your motorcycle, so we recommend parking it in a storage facility or garage for winter. If you have a garage – attached or detached – park it inside. Double-check your garage for insulation and set up a heater if it doesn’t already receive heat from your home’s central heat and air.

Your Storage Unit

Perhaps you already rent a storage unit, or your condo association provides a storage unit for you. As long as you have a climate-controlled unit, you can safely store your bike in it for the winter. The term climate-controlled means that the storage complex heats and cools the facility. In winter, these facilities typically maintain a temperature of 56F to 66F in the interior. During the summer, they usually maintain a temperature of 70F to 80F. This offers a suitable temperature for your motorcycle to remain safe.

Rented Garage Space

You have another option, too. Rent a space in a parking garage. Although most people do this for cars or trucks, these spaces also work great for motorcycles and trikes. Choose a covered garage that’s heated.

Contact Oliver Insurance

Contact Oliver Insurance for motorcycle insurance to protect your bike on the road. Park it safely during Canby, OR’s frigid winters. Safely doesn’t just mean locked up; it also means in a warm and toasty environment.

Why You Need Boat Insurance

When you own a boat, it is vulnerable to several risks on water and land. These risks make it necessary to get boat insurance to cover your watercraft. When you don’t have this type of insurance coverage, you can face many costs that can be difficult to afford. While this type of insurance isn’t required in Oregon, it is highly recommended for every boat owner. Call us at Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR to find out more.

Boat Insurance Is Vital Coverage

Boat insurance protection is vital because it protects you and your boat against a wide range of potential problems and costs. Boats have collisions while out on the water, which can be highly expensive for the person at fault. When you are at fault for a boating accident, you will have to pay for the damages to the other person’s boat and what’s inside it that gets lost. You will also owe for any medical bills they incur because of the accident. With boat insurance, the policy pays these costs for you and saves you what could be thousands of dollars. 

Types of Boat Coverage

Boat insurance is similar to auto insurance in the types of coverage that are available. It’s vital that you have liability insurance for your boat. This coverage pays for the other party’s expenses after an accident. Comprehensive insurance coverage is a type that pays for the risks that exist for your boat when it’s on land. 

Get Boat Insurance Today

If you own an uninsured boat, it’s time to get a boat policy to protect yourself financially. Call us at Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR to get started and find out more.

What type of life insurance is right for me?

For most people living in the Canby, OR area, there are various forms of personal insurance to consider getting. Life insurance is one type of coverage you want to have and maintain here. As you are looking for coverage, you can find various options to consider. You should consider both whole and term life insurance and assess the differences between each plan to determine which is suitable for your situation. 

Whole Life Coverage

A type of life coverage all people should consider getting is whole life insurance. This is an ideal form of coverage for some as it can double as an investment alternative. Some of the payments you make will go into an account that grows with interest income. Eventually, you can pull money out of this plan, making it an excellent addition to your personal investment plan.

Term Life Coverage

You can also consider a term life insurance plan. This can be a good form of coverage for some as the premiums tend to be lower than other options. With this type of coverage, you will have life insurance support throughout the entire insurance plan term. This form of coverage is also ideal as it can be flexible regarding the amount of coverage you have. 

There is always a good reason to get a quality life insurance plan. When you are looking for a new policy in the Canby, OR area, it would be beneficial to call the team with Oliver Insurance. There are a lot of choices to make when looking for insurance, and Oliver Insurance will give any guidance you need to select your next plan. This can help ensure that you have peace of mind and are appropriately insured. 

Get Peace of Mind With an Umbrella Insurance Policy in Canby, OR

Sometimes your current homeowner’s or auto policy isn’t enough to protect you from liability. That’s when you need an umbrella policy from Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR. An umbrella policy provides extra liability coverage above, and beyond your current policy, so you can sleep soundly knowing you’re covered.

Here are three reasons you should consider an umbrella policy:

Extra Protection in the Event of a Lawsuit

If you’re sued for damages exceeding your current policy’s limits, an umbrella policy can help cover the costs. For example, if you’re liable for a car accident that caused severe injuries, an umbrella policy could help cover the cost of the victim’s medical bills, lost wages, and more.

Expanded Coverage for Certain Types of Incidents

Umbrella policies can also provide coverage for specific incidents that your current policy may not cover. For example, an umbrella policy could help cover the cost of your legal defense if you’re accused of libel or slander. You may pay these costs out of pocket without an umbrella policy. They could force you to sell your assets to pay the bill if you don’t have the money to cover these costs.

Protection From Unusual Risks

Some risks, like owning a swimming pool or trampoline, are more likely to lead to a lawsuit. If you have one of these risk factors, an umbrella policy can help protect you.

These benefits provide peace of mind in knowing that you and your assets are protected.

If you’re interested in getting an umbrella policy, call Oliver Insurance today for a free quote. We’ll be happy to help you find the coverage you need to protect yourself and your family.

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