Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover the Bike or the Rider?

If you own a motorcycle, you will need to carry motorcycle insurance in order to register the bike. But one of the questions that we at Oliver Insurance are asked is whether the insurance covers the bike itself or whether the policy is specific to the rider of the bike. If you have this question, here is some information you should know about this topic.

Which Drivers the Policy Covers

As a general rule of thumb, your motorcycle insurance will only cover drivers listed on the policy documents. This means that you cannot lend your bike to someone who does not have their own motorcycle insurance, or they will not be covered if they wreck your bike. If you plan on sharing the bike with anyone or letting someone else routinely drive it, you may wish to add their name to the policy as a covered driver.

If Passengers are Covered

If you have a passenger on your motorcycle, they are always covered as long as you are the driver or someone else who is covered under your policy is the driver. If someone else drives your motorcycle and has a passenger, that passenger most likely will not be covered. As such, you should only allow passengers on your bike when you or another covered driver are doing the driving.

Keep in mind that laws and coverage limitations vary from state to state. This information covers the greater Canby, OR area. If you are not in this area, you will want to look up the laws for the city, county and state you reside in.

If you have just purchased a motorcycle, or are getting ready to, you may be in the market for motorcycle insurance. Oliver Insurance, serving the greater Canby, OR area, can help you get the insurance you need. Contact us today for a free quote.