Is Boat Insurance Required?

Owning a boat is a great way to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you are a pontoon fan or want a bit more horsepower propelling you through the water, nearly every kind of boat is fun in the sun. However, you may want to protect your vehicle investment with boat insurance. Knowing regulations and whether boat insurance is required is a must for you as a boat owner. At Oliver Insurance, we are here to help you determine whether you need boat insurance in and around Canby, OR or not. 

Is Boat Insurance Required?

The short answer to this is no, boat insurance is not required by law in the state of Oregon. It is recommended, but you don’t need to have it. You do need to have a title for the boat and register it with the state, which is similar to what you’d need with a vehicle, but unlike owning a car, boat insurance is not mandatory. 

Why You Need Boat Insurance

While not required, boat insurance is recommended as it protects your boat both in the water and out. You might not consider too many potential problems while in the water with your boat, but what happens if you are in an accident driving to the lake? Car insurance does not cover damage to your boat. Only boat insurance is able to provide this kind of coverage. So keep this in mind. 

Protecting your boat investment is important. No matter the kind of boat you own, whether you plan on staying around Canby, OR or you want to go somewhere completely different with the boat, it is always recommended to safeguard your purchase with boat insurance. Wherever you decide to go, we at Oliver Insurance want to keep you protected.