Protecting Your Personal Assets With Umbrella Insurance

Perhaps you’ve heard umbrella policies discussed in a business setting, but these catch-all policies provide great protection for individuals, too.  An umbrella policy protects you in the case of litigation. Umbrella insurance covers liability or damage exceeding the coverage of standard homeowners, auto, boat, or other insurance policy. It protects your non-business activities worldwide. An umbrella policy protects you and your assets should you be found at fault for an accident. It carries minimal annual premiums for priceless peace of mind.

Umbrella Benefits

If you are sued, an umbrella policy kicks in after you exhaust your standard homeowner’s, renter’s, condo or car insurance’s liability coverage. It pays any judgement made against you and your attorney fees. It also covers you for things like libel and slander. You can add covered items to a policy such as having the policy pay you if your court appearances result in lost wages. An umbrella policy can protect your dependent children when they are found at fault in a car or boat accident.


Of course, premiums vary by coverage and insurer, but you can generally expect to pay between $150 to $300 annually for a $1 million policy. You’ll pay between $50 to $75 for additional coverage per million dollars. You’ll also need to purchase a specific level of liability coverage for your boat or auto before the insurer will issue an umbrella policy. This varies by insurer.

Come by Oliver Insurance of Canby, OR to review your liability insurance needs. We can help you determine if you need additional coverage on a liability policy or the additional protection of an umbrella insurance policy. Either way, Oliver Insurance has got you covered.