Review Your Auto Insurance for the Upcoming Travel Season

In some parts of the country, it’s looking like Spring. Even if it isn’t quite here in Canby, OR., vacation plans preoccupy many people. If you plan to hit the road this summer, prepare your car now. Getting your vehicle in shape goes a long way to preventing accidents and assuring a more enjoyable trip. Reviewing your auto insurance coverage with the independent agents at Oliver Insurance is a good place to start. We can make sure you’re getting all the discounts you have coming to you. We can also provide checklists in vehicle safety that will help you get ready for a great vacation.

For instance:

  1. The most important features on your vehicle are the braking system and the tires. These are what control your vehicle in an emergency and keep you on the road. Keep these in the best condition possible even if you have a scratch on your car or upholstery that you can’t repair right away.
  2. Be certain you are operating legally: keep your registration and proof of insurance handy. Don’t drive under the influence of alcohol. Use safety belts. Know the law and keep it.
  3. Plan your vacation ahead of time so you know routes and destinations. Using a GPS is a great way to stay on track, but know your route so you can spot trouble before your GPS steers you wrong.

Proudly serving the Canby, OR. area, Oliver Insurance not only provides auto insurance coverage, but we educate our customers so they can prevent accidents, injury, and misfortune. Contact us today at 503-266-2715 or use our online site for a quote for your auto insurance. You might qualify for discounts, and you’ll learn something new.