What does commercial insurance cover for a small business?

When you run a small business in Canby, OR, you may wind up needing to seek a commercial policy through Oliver Insurance sooner than you think. So the question is what exactly the commercial policy will cover for a small business.

It comes down to your industry and the products or services you provide. If customers, clients or even business partners are visiting a physical location, whether it’s a repair shop or a restaurant or just a home office, then commercial general liability is a must.

Commercial property coverage will, of course, cover losses due to a fire, theft, etc. It may even cover loss of income resulting from these damages. This might not be necessary if you work from home, but is essential if you run a restaurant, a food truck, anything that is not covered by an existing policy.

Beyond this, commercial insurance essentially covers all of the same things for a small business as for a large business, but at a smaller scale. You can look into professional liability insurance if, for instance, you are a writer and you don’t want to be hit with a libel case. You can look into a home-based business plan if you want some extra protection for a small startup. There is product liability insurance if you sell on Etsy and want to make sure that nobody can hold you accountable if they are injured by one of your products. There’s workers’ compensation if you have employees, property insurance for the physical location, vehicle insurance for the delivery truck and so on.

If it’s a risk that you cannot afford to cover yourself, then contacting Oliver Insurance might not be a bad idea to protect your Canby, OR business.