Why Boat Insurance is Just as Important as Car Insurance

Everyone knows the importance of having car insurance, especially because it’s illegal to cruise down the road without it. Boat insurance, on the other hand, is commonly overlooked. Without boat insurance from Oliver Insurance, serving Canby, OR and the surrounding area, you could find yourself in a bind.

Not Everyone Has Boat Insurance 
Not everyone has boat insurance since it’s not required except for when your boat isn’t paid off and your lender requires it. Therefore, if your boat is on the water and another boat hits yours, you could find yourself responsible for the entire cost of the repairs if the other boater doesn’t have insurance. If you can’t afford to repair it right away, you just won’t be able to use your watercraft until you can pay to repair it. 

Expenses You Could Be Responsible for
Let’s say a passenger on your boat slips, falls and gets hurts, or maybe you get into an accident with another boat and hurt a person on that boat. You’ll be responsible for whatever medical bills accrue as a result of the accident. If you damage someone else’s property with your boat, you’ll have to pay the cost to repair the damage. If you can’t afford to pay the cost, it’s possible the person will sue you. With boat insurance, the damage is covered. 

Covers Your Boat
Your boat is an investment. Let’s say a storm hits your boat or a vandal damages it. You could find yourself not able to go out on the water until you can pay for it unless you have boat insurance. 

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