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Oregon Amateur Sports - Teams, Leagues & Associations Coverage

Amateur Sports - Teams, Leagues & Associations

At Oliver Insurance, your go-to insurance agency headquartered in Canby, OR, we understand sports teams' and leagues' unique and diverse needs. As a prominent feature in the sports insurance landscape, we offer comprehensive, tailored insurance programs to provide top-tier protection for your team or league, ensuring peace of mind.

Comprehensive Coverage for Sports Teams and Leagues

Whether you manage a soccer team, basketball league, or any other sports establishment, we've got you covered. Our General Liability policy covers claims of bodily injuries, property damage, personal injuries, and even advertising injuries. Our Accidental Medical insurance also covers expenses incurred by accidental injuries during your sports events.

Protection for Directors, Officers & Equipment

At Oliver Insurance, coverage extends beyond the field. Our Directors & Officers (D&O) policy protects against legal actions for alleged wrongful acts tied to managing the organization. We understand the investment placed in your gear. Hence, our Equipment Coverage protects your sports equipment against damage or potential loss.

Shield Against Sensitive Allegations

We believe in providing safety in all facets. We offer specialized coverage for Sexual Misconduct and Crime, offering protection from allegations of sexual abuse, theft, and other fraudulent activities by an employee or volunteer.

Oliver Insurance - Your Preferred Sports Teams and Leagues Insurance Agency

As a leading insurance provider in Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, and Idaho, Oliver Insurance is committed to providing sports teams and leagues with high-quality insurance solutions tailored to their unique needs. Our mission is to allow you to focus on fostering your team's talents and keeping the spirit of sportsmanship alive while we handle all potential risks.

Secure Your Sports Team's Future Today

Don't wait for an unexpected event to throw off your game plan. Get in touch with us today, and let's chart a protected course for your sports organization. When it comes to sports teams and leagues insurance, Oliver Insurance has you covered.

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