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Oregon Other Insurance Coverage

Other Insurance in Oregon

When you buy insurance, you buy peace of mind. That is the reason why our Canby, OR insurance customers are resting easy as they enter the holiday season because they know that they have provided for their family’s protection. Beyond the basic needs of auto, home, health, and life insurance however, our clients are ensuring that they have the full panoply of other insurance coverage in place in case of disaster including umbrella, boat, motorcycle, and flood coverage.

As such, whether you are looking to put your boat into nearby Molalla River State Park, for an afternoon of recreational boating, or you are worried about flooding along the Willamette River, having adequate other insurance coverage will ensure that you do not face disastrous consequences in the event of a natural disaster.

Umbrella Coverage

In the State of Oregon, umbrella coverage affords specific protections beyond standard liability limits, so you will effectively plug any holes in your in your existing coverage. Umbrella coverage not only protects you in the event that your damage exceeds established claim limits, but it also serves to cover damages that are not listed under typical liability plans. Every insurance policy is different, but if you call our friendly Canby, OR insurance agent, we can find the umbrella coverage that you and your family need.

Boat Insurance

While the Oregon Department of Licenses, Permits, and Registrations do not mandate that boat owners carry insurance, they do highly recommend the practice. After all, your boat represents an expensive investment and it just makes sense to protect it and everyone onboard. That is because every time you untie from the dock, you are potentially pitting yourself against everything that nature has to throw at you, and it is a comforting thought that you have the financial protection to pay for the damage should Mother Nature get a bit too rough.

Motorcycle Protection

As soon as you hit the outskirts of town and you find yourself tooling down the road on your motorcycle, you come to appreciate the advantages of having a comprehensive motorcycle insurance policy. Getting from point A to point B on a motorcycle does not take a long time, and things can go wrong on the open road even quicker, so exploring your insurance options with one of our qualified agents’ guarantees that you will have adequate coverage for you and your bike in the event of an accident.

Flood Dangers

Owing to the nearly four feet of rain we receive here in Canby each year, and the effect that that rain has on the flood levels of the Willamette River, exploring flood insurance options is the best way to protect you and your property against nature’s fury. Discover what level of coverage will set your mind at ease in the event of a natural disaster, which can leave you under water physically and financially, by talking to one of our knowledgeable flood insurance agents today.

Pet Insurance

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