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Canby, OR 97013

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Oregon Autoowners with auto insurance coverage

Auto Insurance in Oregon and beyond

When it comes to purchasing auto insurance, you'll definitely want to speak with one of our professional insurance agents. We can compare quotes from an assortment of carriers. While we are located in the small town of Canby OR, we sell insurance policies in Oregon, Washington, California and Arizona.

Oliver Insurance is an independent agency. This means you get access to an expert agent who can research rates and coverage from multiple carriers. Each of our agents are specifically focused on your best interests. They will strive to find an auto insurance policy that best fits your needs and stays within the limitations of your budget constraints.

It is imperative that you never drive without car insurance coverage. If you were to be involved in an accident without insurance, you very well could find yourself burdened with medical expenses. You could also find yourself liable for the medical and property expenses of anyone else who was involved in the accident. This is why it's so pertinent that you always have adequate coverage.

If you are unsure as to the amount of coverage that you need, make sure to speak with one of our professional insurance agents. It's usually fairly simple to identify your insurance needs. There are two basic types of car insurance policies: liability and full coverage. If you choose to purchase only liability, you can still add on comprehensive coverage, which proves beneficial in Oregon because there are many claims made in relation to hitting animals. With comprehensive coverage, any damage caused to your car due to hitting an animal will likely be covered.

For answers to any of your car insurance inquiries, make sure to contact us today.

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