Benefits of Hiring an Independent Insurance Agent

An independent insurance agent isn’t affiliated with one specific company. It gives drivers in Canby, OR, and the surrounding area a unique experience when compared to going through an agency. In fact, hiring an independent insurance agent has a lot of benefits.

1. Can Save Money
Hiring an independent insurance agent rather than going through a specific insurance has the potential to save the driver money. The agent will offer the customer a wide variety of policies rather than focus on just the ones provided by the company the agent works for, meaning the agent won’t pressure the driver into purchasing the best policy. Moreover, most of the policies are less money than most of the ones from a specific company.

2. An Unbiased Opinion
Drivers want the agent’s opinion on the best policy for his or her needs. Unfortunately, an agent working for an agency works for a company is giving advice based on the fact that they must keep the company’s best interests at heart. They may even work on commission, so the car owner’s best interest doesn’t come first. Independent agents don’t work on commission and have no preference over one company or another, allowing the driver to reap the benefit of an honest unbiased opinion.

3. More Personalized Experience
Those working for large insurance companies tend to rush a customer into selecting a policy and might not always address issues thoroughly since they have to work under call-time restrictions. However, independent agents have the ability to give a person a more personalized experience. They’re not pressed for time and have fewer customers to deal with each day, giving each person more time with a professional.

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