Boat Safety Tips on the Water

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a retiree, or a fisherman by trade, you want to be as safe as possible when you take your craft out. Here are a few safety tips for Canby, OR residents to consider.

Personal Flotation Devices

It’s always a good idea to wear your life jacket. Be sure your jacket is clean and the straps are secure before setting out on your day of fun. Even strong swimmers need the protection offered by a PFD. Be sure to provide these for any young people or children who may be on your boat. Whether you sail or row, motorboat, or paddleboat– you’re always going to be glad you put your life jacket on before leaving the dock.

Check your Equipment 

Get familiar with your equipment and be sure to check that everything is in working order prior to taking your craft out. If your vessel uses an engine, be sure you are gassed up and ready to go. Make sure the structure of your boat is sound and that there are no leaks or weak points.

Acquire boat insurance prior to getting in the water by contacting your agent at Oliver Insurance. They’ll discuss what coverage you need to protect yourself and your vessel. 

Pay Attention

Be aware of your surroundings, and consider the behavior of other boaters in your area. Always know where beaches are to avoid swimmers and consider the impact of weather on the success of your day on the water. Storms can develop without much notice, so be careful when determining what to do in case of poor conditions. 

Use Common Sense

Feeling the wind on your face and enjoying a day on the water is one of the best sensations in outdoor recreation. Keeping alert and using common sense will keep you and your crew safe. But if the unexpected does happen, be sure you’re covered by Oliver Insurance. Reach out to your Canby, OR agent today to discuss premiums, deductibles, and policy needs. It’s common sense to get protection– just in case you need it!