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Motorcycle Safety Tips for Driving In The Rain

Staying safe out on the road requires more than carrying good motorcycle insurance. The first line of defense should be to do all you can to prevent accidents from happening in the first place. Although driving a motorcycle in the rain is not necessarily recommended, here are some tips from Oliver Insurance on staying safe if you get caught in the rain in Canby, OR, or the surrounding areas. 

Slow Down

This goes for drivers of motorcycles or vehicles, but the first thing you should always do once it starts raining is to slow down considerably. Rain will decrease your visibility and increase the chances of hydroplaning. You might be tempted to speed up to get home sooner to get out of the rain, but this is not the safest option. You need to slow down if you are caught on your motorcycle in the rain. 

Seek Shelter

If you notice the rain intensifying, you might need to pull off the road and seek shelter. Remember, you do not have many of the advantages that drivers of cars and trucks have when driving in the rain. You do not have the same physical protection as the windshield and body of the vehicle. You will get very wet; once you are wet, your hands will be slippery on the handlebars, and your feet will also be slippery. In severe rain, always pull off somewhere safe and seek shelter. 

Check Before Your Ride 

Always check the weather before heading out to avoid getting caught in the rain. This simple step can often help to avoid a dangerous situation. 

If you would like to learn about motorcycle insurance, please contact us at Oliver Insurance, serving Canby, OR, and the surrounding areas. 

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