Prepping Your Motorcycle For Cold Weather

The crunchy leaves are falling, football pre-season is here… fall is just around the corner, and it’s time to get your motorcycle prepped for the cold months ahead. While it’s unlikely you’ll be riding your motorcycle through the winter, it’s important that you take some maintenance steps to get your bike prepped for winter storage. Follow these tips to keep your motorcycle in tip-top shape so it’s ready to rock and roll when spring rolls around. 

Fill It Up

Fill up your gas tank, and don’t forget to add some fuel stabilizer to stop the gas from deteriorating over the winter. 

Change The Oil

Whether your motorcycle’s engine is due for an oil change or not, it’s important to complete the task before you store your bike for the winter. Over the winter months, oil can turn to sludge, causing damage to your engine that’s expensive to repair. Don’t forget to change the filter plug too. 

Choose The Right Place

Storing your motorcycle in your garage? Be sure to choose a place away from light, as sunlight can fade your motorcycle’s paint. 

Don’t Forget About The Battery

Some motorcycles have a slight battery drain happening even when your bike isn’t on, in order to preserve your clock and audio presets. You can remove the battery, or crank your bike up once a month to keep the battery in working condition.

Call Oliver Insurance, Serving Canby, OR

Even if you’re not going to be riding this winter, it’s important to make sure your bike is covered for the spring. Call Oliver Insurance, serving Canby, OR, to make sure you’ve got the motorcycle coverage you need to stay protected on the road.