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Required Commercial Insurance in Oregon

When you own a business in Oregon, there are two types of insurance that most businesses must-have. In addition, there are many other types of insurance policies that many business owners get to have more coverage against everything from disasters to accidents to lawsuits. If you are in Canby, OR, call us at Oliver Insurance to learn more about commercial insurance. 

Workers’ Compensation

Universally known as workers’ comp, this type of insurance is required in Oregon for every employee of an Oregon business. Even if there are only part-time employees, each of them must be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. This coverage ensures that if there is an accident or an illness contracted at the workplace, the medical bills of the employee will be paid. Don’t risk going without this insurance for a moment. It can mean the difference between keeping your business going and 

Commercial Auto Coverage

This type of coverage is only required if the business owns a vehicle. Every vehicle owned by an Oregon business has to have a commercial auto insurance policy on it. There is a mandatory minimum amount of bodily injury liability coverage that you must have for one person injured in an accident and another, higher, the number required for everyone who is injured in an accident. This is a liability, however, so the driver is not included in this type of coverage. There is also a set minimum amount of coverage for property damage liability. In addition, each vehicle must have a set minimum amount for one person injured in an accident with an uninsured motorist and a higher amount for everyone who is injured in this type of accident. There is also an amount of personal injury protection coverage required, and this is what protects the driver. 

Get Your Commercial Insurance

If you own a business and are in Canby, OR, call us at Oliver Insurance to talk about your commercial insurance needs. 

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