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Safely Storing Your Motorcycle in an Oregon Winter

When winter threatens Canby, OR with below-freezing temperatures and freezing precipitation, you need to bring your bike inside and park it in the garage. But wait, what if you have no garage? Will a bike cover work?

Your Home’s Garage

Oliver Insurance wants you to avoid damage to your motorcycle, so we recommend parking it in a storage facility or garage for winter. If you have a garage – attached or detached – park it inside. Double-check your garage for insulation and set up a heater if it doesn’t already receive heat from your home’s central heat and air.

Your Storage Unit

Perhaps you already rent a storage unit, or your condo association provides a storage unit for you. As long as you have a climate-controlled unit, you can safely store your bike in it for the winter. The term climate-controlled means that the storage complex heats and cools the facility. In winter, these facilities typically maintain a temperature of 56F to 66F in the interior. During the summer, they usually maintain a temperature of 70F to 80F. This offers a suitable temperature for your motorcycle to remain safe.

Rented Garage Space

You have another option, too. Rent a space in a parking garage. Although most people do this for cars or trucks, these spaces also work great for motorcycles and trikes. Choose a covered garage that’s heated.

Contact Oliver Insurance

Contact Oliver Insurance for motorcycle insurance to protect your bike on the road. Park it safely during Canby, OR’s frigid winters. Safely doesn’t just mean locked up; it also means in a warm and toasty environment.

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