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Term Life and Whole Life Insurance

When you have loved ones, you need to provide for them when you’re gone; you need a life insurance policy. There are two main types of these- whole life and term life. Each type has benefits and drawbacks, and there may be one of them that is better for your needs than the other. When you want to know more about life insurance policies or get started with a policy of your own, call us at Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR.

Whole Life Insurance

This life insurance type can be kept for the rest of your life regardless of age. It never expires, so you can keep it as long as you want. It is more expensive than the other types of life insurance, but many people find that they get a lot of value for that price. This policy can bring great peace of mind because it can’t be canceled if you keep making the payments for it. These policies also have the advantage of building up a specific value. This is a cash value that the policyholder can get cash for and pay back like any other loan. It can make a big difference when you have a serious financial situation. 

Term Life Insurance

This type has a set term of years that the policy will last. Once the expiration date rolls around, there is no more policy. You would then have to find a new policy and apply for it. However, this insurance type is relatively inexpensive. It costs much less than a whole life policy, making it the right choice for many people.

Get Your Life Insurance

To keep your family protected, you need life insurance. Call us at Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR to get your policy.

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