Unique Motorcycle Insurance Facts

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Unique Motorcycle Insurance Facts

Many Canby, OR residents enjoy riding their motorcycles through the city and beyond. Riding a motorcycle gives you a unique opportunity to explore your surroundings. However, riding a motorcycle is also relatively dangerous, as one mistake on the road can lead to fatal consequences. Motorcycle insurance gives you a layer of protection. Liability coverage protects you if you accidentally injure someone or lose control of your motorcycle and cause property damage. Collision coverage protects you if your motorcycle is damaged due to an impact with another object. Comprehensive coverage protects you if your motorcycle is stolen or vandalized. While researching motorcycle insurance, consider these unique facts.

Wearing A Helmet May Impact Your Policy

Wearing a helmet while riding your motorcycle can help you avoid a potentially serious injury. Wearing a helmet promotes safety, which may impact your motorcycle insurance policy.

Custom Coverage

If you have a high-end motorcycle, consider adding extra coverage to your insurance policy. There are multiple benefits to amending your policy. High-end motorcycles are generally fast, which means there’s a strong likelihood something could go wrong. Perhaps you lose control for a second and hit a parked car, causing property damage. Adding extra liability coverage protects you. Plus, you will also be protected if your motorcycle is stolen, which alleviates stress.

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