What does Boater’s Insurance Cover?

When purchasing boater’s insurance you need to ensure the coverage is for your craft, passengers, theft, and liability. Liability towards other people and their crafts should you cause them injury or damage.  

Insurance should pay the insured’s loss of property, medical costs, and wages lost as a result of a boating accident. This insurance should also cover all other costs related to a said boating accident. In addition, you need uninsured boater coverage. This will cover you in the event you are injured by another boater and are injured. It will cover injuries, costs, and lost wages associated with the boating accident. 

Boater insurance is not a requirement in Oregon state. Yet, because of situations that may arise on the water, it comes highly recommended. When you speak to an agent at Oliver Insurance, inquire about a Boater Education Card. This card may allot the boater a 15% discount on their insurance policy. 

When insuring your boat you are not required to name each driver of the boat. Your boaters insurance policy will cover other operators, as long as they are legal boat operators with Oregon state. 

If you live in the Great Northwest and own a boat, check out Oliver Insurance, in Canby, OR. 

Our agents in the Canby, OR area are ready to serve you. Our online support team can aid you with setting up a customer account online. Once you have an account, you will have easy policy access 24/7; where you can view coverage and more. Should you be injured and unable to come to the office, online access will aid you in obtaining policy data. 

Give our qualified agents at Oliver Insurance a call. Our friendly agents help the surrounding areas of Canby, OR get the boater’s insurance needed. Call today, happy boating tomorrow!