What Types of Expenses Does Pet Insurance Cover

For many people, pets are like family members. Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibility and can also come with lots of expenses. Between food, toys and accessories, you have a lot invested in your furry friend or friends. Pets also require medical care and much like people, regular exams can help to catch any issues early and are an important part of pet care. At Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR we offer pet insurance that can help you to provide for your pets.

Pet insurance is designed to cover the unexpected health issues that can arise with your pet. Like most human health insurance, policies usually don’t cover 100% and they also don’t usually cover routine exams and things like dental cleaning, which can be quite expensive. But, in the event of more catastrophic illnesses or accidents they can make the difference between affording to get the health care your pet needs and opting not to treat. Nobody really wants to be placed in that position.

Before you choose a particular policy make sure that it will provide the kinds of protection that you feel that you need.  Most policies won’t cover a pre-existing condition, congenital conditions, spaying and neutering, flea and tick treatments and ear cleaning. But if your pet gets hit by a car or develops cancer, you could find pet insurance to be a lifesaver. It is designed for these major events and not for routine care. You may be able to add a rider that will help with routine pet care. If this is something you want. Be sure to ask one of our agents about it. 

Caring for your pets can be a big expense and pet insurance can help. At Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR we are happy to discuss our pet policies with you and come up with the best option for your pet and your budget. Give our office a call or stop by for a no-obligation quote.