Why do I need a home inventory

Owning a home in a beautiful place like Canby, OR is a dream come true. Located just 18 miles from Portland in the North Willamette Valley some might call this an idyllic location. But like everywhere else in the world, things can happen to damage your home. Talking to the experienced team at Oliver Insurance can give you the peace of mind that happens when you know that everything you have is adequately protected by home insurance. A home inventory can be invaluable when tragedy sticks your home. 

A home inventory is just what it sounds like, a complete list of everything that you have in your home and any other buildings on your property. In the event that your home is hit by something like a tornado or a fire, your home may be completely destroyed. Even if it is only partially being able to remember exactly what you had prior to the event is not easy. You probably think that you know everything that you own but you are probably incorrect. Making an inventory will make that clear to you. 

Go room to room and write down everything, not just the major pieces of furniture but all the smaller things as well. If you need to replace all of your Christmas decorations, could you remember every piece that you have? Include the exact model and brand of items you inventory. You should include your attic and basement as well. For more expensive items be prepared to show a sales slip or appraisal. Taking detailed pictures of each room is an important addition. Once you have completed the inventory, it should be stored in a safe place away from the home if at all possible. 

A home inventory will be very welcome if anything ever happens to your home. To talk to an experienced insurance professional about your home inventory in Canby, OR, Oliver Insurance is ready and willing to share their experience with you. Stop by the office or give them a call for a no-obligation quote.