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Why Motorcyclists Should Consider Comprehensive Coverage

Motorcyclists have special insurance needs. When you drive a motorcycle, you want to make sure that you are covered on all fronts. Comprehensive coverage provides one way to protect your motorcycle and your wallet.

Oliver Insurance, which provides service in Canby, OR, understands your needs as a motorcyclist, especially if you love your bike. These are some of the reasons why motorcyclists should consider comprehensive coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage Covers Non-Collision Damage

Did you know that most policies do not cover damage caused by an accident that involves a stationary object, like a light pole or a guardrail? If your bike is damaged because of one of these types of accidents, comprehensive coverage may come into play and cover damage, even if you may have caused it.

Comprehensive Coverage Covers Vandalism & Theft

Motorcycles are easy to vandalize or steal in comparison to some other vehicles, which is why motorcyclists should be concerned about their bikes. Comprehensive coverage provides insurance for bikes that become damaged because of things like graffiti, arson, and other types of physical damage.

Comprehensive Coverage Covers Weather Damage

Weather damage can damage a motorcycle, especially when you end up somewhere without proper coverage. Whether your bike is damaged by wind or rain, you may be able to use comprehensive insurance to cover it.

Get Comprehensive Coverage Today

Oliver Insurance, which helps motorcyclists in Canby, OR, can help you through insurance challenges. When you are unsure what kind of coverage is right for your bike, a professional can shed light on the benefits of comprehensive coverage. Contact the office today to learn more about comprehensive coverage for motorcycle drivers.

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