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Why You Need Boat Insurance

When you own a boat, it is vulnerable to several risks on water and land. These risks make it necessary to get boat insurance to cover your watercraft. When you don’t have this type of insurance coverage, you can face many costs that can be difficult to afford. While this type of insurance isn’t required in Oregon, it is highly recommended for every boat owner. Call us at Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR to find out more.

Boat Insurance Is Vital Coverage

Boat insurance protection is vital because it protects you and your boat against a wide range of potential problems and costs. Boats have collisions while out on the water, which can be highly expensive for the person at fault. When you are at fault for a boating accident, you will have to pay for the damages to the other person’s boat and what’s inside it that gets lost. You will also owe for any medical bills they incur because of the accident. With boat insurance, the policy pays these costs for you and saves you what could be thousands of dollars. 

Types of Boat Coverage

Boat insurance is similar to auto insurance in the types of coverage that are available. It’s vital that you have liability insurance for your boat. This coverage pays for the other party’s expenses after an accident. Comprehensive insurance coverage is a type that pays for the risks that exist for your boat when it’s on land. 

Get Boat Insurance Today

If you own an uninsured boat, it’s time to get a boat policy to protect yourself financially. Call us at Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR to get started and find out more.

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