4 Reasons to Buy Home Insurance in Canby, OR

When you buy a home, it is probably the biggest purchase you’ve made to date. It is important to protect this purchase with home owner’s insurance. Whether it is necessary from your lender or even if you do not have a mortgage, you should still have home insurance. Below are four reasons that homeowners in the Canby, OR area should purchase home insurance.

Protect Your Assets

Having homeowner’s insurance will give you peace of mind that your home and everything in it is protected. While you never hope for anything bad to happen to your house or its belongings, it is smart to make sure that if that does happen, you are not left without anything.

Preserve Your Property

Home insurance in the Canby OR area will not only protect your home and what is in it but also the rest of your property. This includes your land and the rest of your yard and property that your home is on.

Shield Yourself from Other’s Damages

Having home insurance will even help protect you from the responsibility of accidents that others may have while on your property, too. For example, if a person injuries themselves while in your home or on your property, you would not be responsible for their injury with home insurance coverage.

Save Other Structures on Your Property

Lastly, home insurance will even cover other structures that are on your property. This means if you have a detached garage, shed, pool house, or other structure on your property, it’ll be covered.

Use Oliver Insurance for Home Insurance in Canby OR

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