Are There Higher Limits Available for Motorcycle Liability Coverage?

Motorcycle liability insurance provides cover for property damage and bodily injuries. The coverage compensates a third party if the motorcycle driver is at fault in an accident that leads to property damage or physical harm. At least 49 states need riders to have motorcycle liability insurance before they can register their motorcycles.

Motorcycle liability often has three limits denoted as 10/40/15. The first figure represents the bodily injury protection limit for one person. The second figure represents the bodily injury limit for each accident, and the last figure represents the property damage limit. Most liability limits are similar across states, but they also differ in some states.

Higher Limits for Motorcycle Liability Cover

More often than not, the minimum required liability cover for motorcycles isn’t enough to provide full coverage in most accidents. But it is prudent to ensure that you have enough liability that can safeguard your assets. If your negligence as a rider causes an accident, you may get sued for property damage, bodily harm, pain and suffering, and the loss of income. You may lose most of what you own.

You need more liability insurance coverage than the least to protect your assets, motorcycle, savings, investments, home, and family. If your motorcycle insurance provider doesn’t offer a cover that provides enough cover, you can get an umbrella policy that offers blanket liability. You may also get more coverage options to get a higher limit of coverage.

Other Covers to Increase Your Motorcycle Liability Coverage

  • The uninsured/underinsured motorist cover
  • Collision and comprehensive coverage
  • Medical payments (Med-Pay) and personal injury protection (PIP) coverage
  • Add-on options, including Roadside Help, Trip interruption coverage, OEM coverage, more accessories coverage, Carried contents coverage, and Guest passenger liability insurance

Get More Coverage for Your Motorcycle Liability Coverage in Canby, OR.

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