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Common Myths About Flooding

Experiencing a flood in a home can be devastating, and being prepared with flood insurance can help make the recovery process much more manageable. However, there are many myths about flooding, leaving Canby, OR homeowners wondering if they truly need insurance coverage for flooding. 

Below are some of the most common myths about flooding. After reading this, if you still have questions about flood insurance, give us a call at Oliver Insurance. 

Myth: I do not live in a flood zone, so I don’t need flood insurance. 

Fact: Everyone is actually in some flood zone. There are different categories — indeterminate, low-to-moderate risk, high-risk, and coastal high-risk — all of which can experience flooding.

Myth: My homeowners insurance policy automatically covers me in the event of a flood.

Fact: Standard home insurance policies do not automatically provide coverage for damage and losses from a flood. 

Myth: The cost of flood insurance coverage is too expensive. 

Fact: With different private insurance companies offering flood insurance, the market is very competitive. Because of this, premium and policy customizations are available, which helps lower the cost of coverage. In addition, some insurance carriers also allow for payment plans for flood insurance coverage, making it feel more affordable. 

Myth: FEMA will help provide financial assistance for repairs if I experience a loss due to a flood. 

Fact: FEMA will only provide financial assistance to those who experienced flood loss and damage when there is a state of emergency declared for the event. The assistance received is in the form of a loan, which must be repaid with interest, and those who are approved for assistance are then required to carry flood insurance coverage. 

Though the decision to have flood insurance coverage is up to the homeowner, it is always best to be prepared for any emergency in Canby, OR. If you still have questions about flood insurance, call us today. Our representatives at Oliver Insurance are ready to help answer any insurance questions you have. 

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