Do You need More than the Minimum Motorcycle Insurance?

Did you just buy your first motorcycle in the Canby, OR area? Before you hit the road, the folks at Oliver Insurance want to make sure you have the protection and knowledge needed for a summer road trip with no worries.  

What Type of Insurance does Oregon Require You to Carry?

The Oregon DMV requires you to carry a minimum of liability and uninsured motorist insurance. This means that if you cause an accident on your bicycle, the medical payments and property repairs for the other vehicle are covered. Also, if you are damaged by somebody without insurance, you can recover. It does nothing to take care of your medical bills if you are found at fault. 

Get Your Bike Fixed with Collision and Comprehensive

You can add extra coverage to your policy that will make sure you can get back on the road, no matter who caused the damage.  It also reduces the amount of cash you have to pay upfront in order to get the garage to repair your ride. When you add comprehensive or collision to your motorcycle insurance, you are able to move on with life while your insurance takes care of the details.

A Rider Education Course can Save Your Life and a Little Money

Before you can hit the road, you will be required to take an approved motorcycle skills course from Team Oregon. If you opt for the intermediate course, you may see added savings or discounts on your insurance policy. Even though it might seem like another obstacle to getting a bike, these courses have proven to save lives for riders and other people on the road. 

If you would like to learn more about the options available for motorcycle insurance in the Canby, OR area, give our friendly agents at Oliver Insurance a call today.