Four Expenses Included in a Boat Insurance Policy

The state of Oregon does not require boat insurance. However, they do highly recommend it, so Oliver Insurance in Canby, OR wants to help you receive the right coverage for your vessel.
Your insurance needs depend on the type of boat you own, whether or not you use it just for recreation or for business, or if you live in it full time versus just sleep in it when on vacation. Other factors such as age, size or condition might determine your boat insurance needs. Boat policies often cover these four expenses:
1. Vessel damage — If either your boat or someone else’s became damaged or inoperable, this expense might be paid for by some policies. 
2. Property destruction — If marina property needs repair after an accident, this is another expense you may not have to worry about if you have the right policy. It can prevent anxiety that comes with this unexpected expense.
3. Bodily injury — Your insurance coverage for your vessel might pay for any expenses related to treating injuries resulting from a collision or other incident occurring while operating your boat if you are liable. 
4. Theft or vandalism — Typically a part of a comprehensive policy, this can give you peace of mind in one of these unfortunate scenarios that might result in loss and damages occurring other than from an accident. Having this expense paid for can help you avoid long stretches of time out of the water where you perhaps would rather be.

We Can Answer All Your Insurance Questions 

We don’t want you to anticipate a vacation where you may want to fish, water ski or relax only to find out your policy is not enough. We will answer all your insurance questions not only about your boat but also your car, home, life and more.
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