How Can a Dog’s Breed Affect Your Homeowners Insurance?

You are probably aware of the common factors which may affect your homeowners insurance. They include; location, the condition of your fixtures, and your history of claims. However, what you do not know is that your dog’s breed may also affect your insurance. If you work with a reputable Canby, OR insurance agency such as Oliver Insurance, you may get advice on what you can do to get insurance with your dog.

Dog Breeds That May Affect Your Insurance

Some insurance providers blacklist breeds of dogs that may be considered aggressive. They include; Pit bulls, Chows-chows, Wolf hybrids, Presa Canarios, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Akitas.  It is important to note that different insurance companies have different policies. Just because one insurance provider blacklists certain breeds does not mean you can’t find a provider that doesn’t. Most insurance companies do not offer homeowners insurance if a dog has a history of attacking other people.

If your dog’s breed is not insurance-friendly, you can do the following to get the right homeowners insurance.

  • Be honest from the beginning. Reveal the truthful breed of your dog and whether or not it has attacked people in the past.
  • Consider getting a standalone policy instead of including your do in your homeowner’s insurance. You should, however, always ensure that your dog is insured. Claims from dog bites can be expensive
  • Train and socialize your dog from a young age.  Do not leave it unsupervised or it may bite other people
  • Ask if your insurance provider may insure your dog after an obedience class. They may be willing to reduce your premium rates.
  • If you do not get insurance from one provider, do not give up. Shop around until you find a provider that can accommodate your needs.

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