What Types Of Commercial Insurance Should I Buy?

It is very important for a business to acquire a commercial insurance to be assured of stability. Commercial insurances vary from state to state, where you will find that names used for individual covers are not the same. For instance, one company may name a coverage as machine insurance, while the other may refer to it as equipment breakdown coverage. For residents of Canby, OR, visit Oliver Insurance to get a commercial policy and we will help you clarify the type you should buy. Below is a list of some of the major covers offered;

Commercial property insurance

This type of insurance will help protect your company’s physical assets such as the furniture, inventory and building. It is important to note that commercial property insurance is very important and the following three aspects should be observed when acquiring one;
•    Failure to shop around could be costly. Doing a little homework is good if you are to get a good quote. Hire a broker who fully understands the insurance industry and you will be sure to land a great deal.
•    Be sure about the specifics. Do not assume that the insurance covers everything in your business. You will be surprised to find that some of the property was not included in the plan. It is therefore good to confirm that everything is covered.
•    The expense of having it. If you acquire a commercial policy that is too expensive, you will find it difficult to pay the monthly payments. Choose a policy that is easily affordable.

Commercial auto insurance

This policy protects your business and employees from accidents related to vehicles. If a worker is injured when operating a company vehicle, they will be catered for adequately. Also, any company property damaged in the process will be covered.

Cyber liability insurance

Most companies nowadays have advanced technology and are using computers to carry out their everyday operations. Computers are susceptible to breaching and data corruption. In such a scenario, the cyber liability insurance will cover the costs incurred when recovering the data. If you are a resident of Canby, OR visit Oliver Insurance to get a commercial insurance that suits your business.