How to Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing

Winter is a time when you typically experience higher than average costs on your heating bills. However, winter can be much more damaging to homeowners since you’re at risk for issues like your pipes freezing. Oliver Insurance, serving Canby, OR and the surrounding area, can help once the damage is done, but we want to help you prevent the problem from occurring in the first place. 

Space Heaters

Determine where you have spots in your home that colder than others. You want to situate a space heater in these locations and keep it running when you’re home. This will help keep the pipes warm enough that they won’t freeze. 

Let Your Faucet Drip 

It’s best to keep water flowing through your pipes, so they’re less likely to freeze. You should let at least one faucet in your home dripping continuously when the temperatures are freezing outside. 

Cover Exposed Pipes
Determine anywhere in your where you have exposed pipes. You want to cover these pipes in order to keep them warm, so they don’t freeze. 

Keep a Constant Temperature in Your Home

You may save money by turning down your heat at night when you’re snuggled up in your blankets. However, you’re increasing your risk of your pipes freezing by allowing the temperature in your home to drop all night. You also want to make sure that you don’t turn your thermostat below 55 degrees Fahrenheit when you’re away. 

Frozen Pipe Repair 

If you notice little water coming from your faucet, you may have a frozen or possibly even broken pipe. You should shut off the water if it’s broken. If it’s just frozen, you may use a space heater, blow dryer, or electric heating pad wrapped around the pipe to thaw it. 


Always have homeowner’s insurance just in case you should happen to endure a problem like a broken pipe. 

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