How will I know if my small business needs workman’s comp insurance?

It’s great working in Canby, OR, and Oliver Insurance gets to see the benefits small business owners have. Even in places so relatively safe and well protected, accidents can happen, and it’s important to have all the required protection. 

Do People Work for You? 

That is the simplest question to ask when trying to decide whether or not you need workman’s compensation insurance. When people work for you, you assume some responsibility for them while they are helping you out. 

If someone gets hurt while on your work floor or while driving in a work vehicle, it makes sense that you would be responsible for those injuries, as long as the actions of the employee were within the scope of employment. There are obvious exceptions for individuals who have used work time to commit crimes. 

Workman’s comp actually protects both employees and employers, because it makes sure employees can get the help they need when they’re hurt while limiting the civil actions employees can take against the business. 

Employees Vs Independent Contractors 

Oregon does not require employers to provide insurance for independent contractors, and it is important to know the difference. Independent contractors must meet three basic criteria :

  • They provide a service under a contract where others are not allowed to direct the work;
  • They are responsible for providing the work and even providing the means — for instance, they will have their own tools; 
  • And they are free from the direction and control of others while actually accomplishing the work.

 If you have a small business in Canby, OR and have any questions about your small business coverage, or would like to discuss a policy, please call Oliver Insurance today and we can set you up with a free quote.