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Should I Buy Collision and Comprehensive Coverage for My Older Motorcycle?

If you’ve got a motorcycle that’s ten years or older, you should consider purchasing comprehensive and collision coverage for it. An older bike has higher chances of causing accidents. There’s also a greater probability of paying a large deductible to repair or replace your bike. For advice in Canby, OR, check with Oliver Insurance. 

Collision and Comprehensive for Older Motorcycle 

To maximize your coverage, purchase collision and comprehensive coverage from the same carrier (or close to it). The closer the two policies are to one another, the more likely you will receive total replacement value if your bike is damaged in an accident. 

In most cases, providing both types of coverage is unnecessary. Collision insurance will cover your bike if it’s in a crash, but comprehensive coverage will protect it if it’s stolen or damaged. It’s up to you whether you believe the value of the peace of mind from having the right amount of insurance outweighs the cost. 

Older bikes have a higher risk of being involved in an accident, be it from a mechanical malfunction or another driver not seeing you on the road. There are more likely to be worth less or stolen. You should purchase comprehensive and collision coverage for your bike and your protection. 

The cost of collision and comprehensive coverage for an older motorcycle is typically higher than that of a newer model. The reason is that the cost to repair or replace a damaged motorcycle is greater as the vehicle ages. Insurers also consider the value of an older motorcycle. If a vehicle costs $2,000, it may not be worth insuring for collision and comprehensive damage. 

Final Words 

Comprehensive coverage protects your bike from liability claims, such as when a customer falls and sues your bike shop. These policies are strongly recommended for all motorcycles but essential for older bikes. That’s why getting collision and comprehensive coverage on your older bike is so important. For questions in Canby, OR, reach out to Oliver Insurance.

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