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What is the Difference Between a Preferred Risk Policy and a Regular Policy?

A preferred risk policy is a type of insurance that gives you higher coverage limits than a standard policy, with the caveat that the coverage may be less comprehensive. 

Preferred risk policies provide higher coverage limits, such as $250,000, but they don’t have the same level of coverage as a traditional policy. For inquiries in Canby, OR, seek advice from Oliver Insurance.

Preferred Risk Versus Regular Policy 

Preferred risk policies are designed to offer more generous coverage at a lower cost than a standard policy. They are usually purchased by a government agency, educational institution, hospital, or large employer. 

Regular policies are purchased by individuals and cover normal risks. Preferred policies come in two flavors: the whole of corporate or split between corporate and personal liability. When purchasing a preferred policy, ensure the provider is licensed to sell this coverage. 

Preferred risk policies are typically more expensive than standard policies. However, if you fall into a preferred risk category, such as being a high-risk driver, you may be eligible for a lower premium Preferred rate. Preferred risk policies typically have a shorter policy term and a maximum limit on how much coverage you can receive. 

Preferred risk policies typically have a waiting period before you can buy another one. Preferred risk policies typically have narrower coverage types and limits on what you can claim. Preferred risk policies typically have a shorter policy term. 

Standard insurance policies protect you in the event of a wide range of risks. They often cover items with a lower value, such as automobiles. Preferred and regular insurance policies are available from most insurance companies. 


Preferred policies have shorter periods. Hence, they’ve higher interests than preferred policies. Regular protects you in case of a wide range of risks. It often covers items with a lower value, such as automobiles. For questions, consult Oliver Insurance, a firm serving in Canby, OR.

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