What kind of accidents doesn’t umbrella insurance cover?

As wide-ranging and inclusive as umbrella insurance is, it does have exclusions. There’s some items you can’t cover with it and some types of damages for which it does not pay. At Oliver Insurance of Canby, OR, we want you to understand your insurance’s potential, so we put together this guide.

Vehicles Not Covered

While damages to exotic vehicles like jet skis or private planes usually get covered under an umbrella policy, these types of policies don’t generally cover liability damages involved in accidents on these. The liability coverage does normally extend to golf carts and snowmobiles.

Damages Not Covered

Cases exist when umbrella insurance doesn’t cover damages. These include when the insured intended or expected the damage. When your own property incurs damage, that’s not usually covered. Check your homeowner’s policy though because it may.

Situations Not Covered

Certain aspects of business activities don’t fall under umbrella coverage. If you run a home-based business, some things aren’t automatically covered. These require a rider.

Delivery drivers hurt on your property while delivering business materials don’t come under this policy unless you add a rider to it.

Occasional service staff like landscapers should carry their own liability coverage. Request to see proof of their insurance before hiring them.

You’ll need to add a rider to cover full-time domestic employees. Your maid or nanny probably does not carry their own liability insurance. Your umbrella policy doesn’t automatically cover them.

These types of policies do normally cover occasional or part-time domestic workers employed by you for less than 35 hours per week. That means the once a week babysitter or maid service falls under this coverage.

Come by Oliver Insurance of Canby, OR to discuss your umbrella insurance needs. We can help you craft a policy that works for you.