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Why Should I Get Pet Insurance and What Does it Cover?

Pet owners often wonder if they should invest in insurance for their four-legged family members. The professionals at Oliver Insurance serving Canby, OR want to help you make this big decision by sharing some key information about pet insurance.

What is Pet Insurance?

Between exam fees, testing and treatment, veterinary expenses can become extremely expensive, extremely quickly. The average pet owner does not have thousands of dollars of cash on hand to pay out for vet bills. This is where pet insurance becomes valuable. Pet insurance protects you in the event that something unexpected should happen to your pet, such as an accident or an illness. 

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Just like most other insurances, what is covered by pet insurance can widely vary from policy to policy. However, most plans cover unexpected injuries, accidents, illnesses, and surgery. They will likely also cover medication, diagnostic testing and emergency care and exam charges. There are generally three different types of pet insurance policies: Accident Only, Accident and Illness and Wellness.

Examine each potential policy to make sure you are getting coverage that will meet your pets needs. Accident and Illness coverage will not cover certain things, such as pre-existing conditions, it also won’t cover routine care and may exclude pets over a certain age.

If you are looking for help with routine care, such as annual check-ups, vaccines, lab work or spaying and neutering, a wellness plan is probably what you’ll need. However, many pet owners decide that they want a combination of coverage for their furry friends so that way they are covered in any contingency.

Contact the team at Oliver Insurance serving Canby, OR today to get all your pet insurance questions answered.

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